Quick Fix Suggestions Needed for Pipe Leak


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Jan 25, 2018
San Diego, CA
My hot tub was losing water quickly so I've let it drain to try to isolate where the leak might be. I am pretty confident that it is in the last 2 feet of piping that feeds the bubbler jets - so not an important pathway for filtration. The pipe is below ground and I really do not want to dig up the pavers to get to it. I was thinking that maybe there is some sort of foam product I could inject into the end of that line that would fill the end of the pipe and block the leak that I could spray in from the jet outlets - I would sacrifice a few of the jet at the end but still be able to use a few of the other jets. My other option is to just plug up the jets with rubber stoppers and not use them... If that all sounds crazy and you'd really recommend I dig, I would appreciate some how to links. Thanks!!


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Mar 21, 2016
Marietta Ga
If there is NO pressure and you know your replacing the line I wonder how spray foam would do? I would make sure it's dry and remember it expands so maybe put something over the end after you spray it ;)
Not recommending it :) just an idea