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Nov 4, 2019
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Hello All,

I am the 2nd owner of an in-ground pool/spa installed about 6 years ago. I wasn’t given too much information on the pool/spa from the previous owners. The pool is roughly 10,000 gallons and the spa is another 1,000 gallons. The main pump for the in-floor cleaning system also runs the spa jets once selected (automated valves). The spa never had an air blower to the jets, but it was piped and capped for a future one. There is a deck venturi air in-take for the spa. They appeared to drill holes in a cap for the air inlet. I have included pictures for reference.

I recently received a free blower from a friend and decided to install it. The blower works fine, but it is pushing a lot of air out of the deck air in-take. Enough air that it pushes the 6” lid about a foot off the ground. My questions is, what is typical done at the deck air in-takes? I have tried searching online and this forum for advice or typical drawings? I am not sure if I should just cut it out and cap it or provide some sort of valve.

I would also like to thank TFP and everyone on it. This is my first pool and it has made taking care of it easy.

Jeff L.


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When you have a blower on the spa jets you do not also have a separate air intake. You need to cap the air intake when you use the blower.
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