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Pool Care basics

Recommended Levels

We wish to help you understand optimal levels for your pool. Follow the chemical levels in this article and you’ll enjoy a clear pool with little effort.

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Pool Vacuum cleaning mustard algae out of a pool

Mustard Algae

Today We are going to show you how you can get rid of mustard algae in your pool. By following the steps in this guide and with no expensive chemicals.

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Black Algae

This guide provides a step by step procedure for eliminating black algae in your concrete or gunite pool. Read full post here.

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Pool Equipment

Pool Heaters Explained

What good is clear water if the water temperature is to cold to enjoy it? We’ve answered some questions and provided simple tips to understand pool heaters.

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How To

Calcium Scaling

Calcium scale on your pool is something we all want to avoid. With some elbow grease and a pumice stone for pools we can help you remove this eyesore.

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Stains in Your Pool

The stained pool is beyond embarrassing. Our in-depth Guide to remove stains in your pool will help you to remove the stains and prevent them in the future.

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Leak Detection

A number of things can cause leaks in your pool. You can learn tricks for leak detection and how to pinpoint where your pool is losing water.

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Suction Side Air Leaks

If you see air bubbles coming out of the return lines in your pool, you likely have a leak. Some signs that a suction side plumbing leak has occurred include: Read more

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Start-up New Plaster

The first few months are the most criticle for a newly plastered pool. We’re here to share best practices to ensure the plaster will last for many years.

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Pool Construction

Before You Build

Before you build a swimming pool, check out what our highly rated experts and pool owners say you should think about while planning. Read more

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Pool Surfaces

There are many types of pool surfaces to consider when designing your pool. This article will tell you about different surfaces.

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Deck Choices Reviewed

Consumers have a vast array of choices when it comes to decking. Our decisions are based on several factors – cost, size of area, typical use, and more.

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