What is TFPC?

We believe any pool owner can achieve and maintain safe, crystal clear pool water, without high expense, by using the science-based, Trouble Free Pool Care (TFPC) methodology. Our approach is to teach you how a product will affect your water, so you can self-test and confirm the expected change, rather than tell you to just add x, y and z product and bring back another water sample for testing. We’re not in this for the money (Trouble Free Pool is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit) so we are able to step back from giving advice, for profit, and offer advice that gives you the largest return on your investment. If someone can’t explain the chemical makeup of a product they recommend and how that chemical will scientifically improve or change your water, you should be very skeptical.

TFPC comprises the following principles:

  • Self-management of your pool environment.
  • Self-testing of your pool water.
  • A willingness to learn about pool care.
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Looking closer at these three principles, you will see our clear vision for your pool,

Self-management of your pool

This is important because you are the person that is going to care most deeply about maintaining a healthy, functional, beautiful and safe pool environment for your family and friends to enjoy. Outsourcing that function is inviting divergent views and opinions into a process that is best performed by you, the pool owner. Others have good intentions (giving them the benefit of the doubt), but you have both good intentions and science-based knowledge, which is an unbeatable combination.

Self-testing of your pool water

Using a professional quality recommended test kit is the cornerstone of TFPC. This will give you accurate, repeatable results with which you can make proper chemical adjustments to achieve or maintain safe and properly balanced pool water. In many cases, the required chemicals are commonly available at grocery, home improvement or discount stores. You may occasionally need to visit a pool store, but you will go in knowing exactly what you need, and why, and will know to say “no thanks” to the free pool water testing offers. You must learn to trust your own test results for TFPC to be successful.

A willingness to learn

Here is where you have to say “I’m all in!” Is there a learning curve? Yes. But once the light bulb goes off in your mind, you will feel empowered by your newfound knowledge, and the resources available at troublefreepool.com, to self-maintain your pool to the highest standards possible. The key resources that troublefreepool.com provides for this purpose are:

  • Pool School (available on the website or as an eBook)
  • Forums, our most popular feature, are a fantastic way to search for answers or obtain personalized, fast, reliable advice
  • PoolMath, our highly intuitive app available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10, to assist with managing your pool and tracking your pool data.
  • Above all else, TFPC is about empowerment. Empowering you to take control of your pool.

Empower yourself today.