Pool Furniture Buyers Guide

Selecting your pool furniture can make a huge difference from just a simple functional area up to an outdoor living area. Many think selecting furniture is as simple as selecting a blue cushion for the patio chair or a red rug for under the table. We at TFP however know there is far more to it than just that. While selecting the colors will always be up to you, here’s a few practical suggestions to help make buying pool furniture more enjoyable. First off, don’t feel you must rush out and get everything at once. And there is always a certain charm to furniture arrangements that are not entirely matchy-matchy.

No Glass Pool Furniture

Sit back and ponder for a second, how often do you walk around your outdoor living area with no shoes on? I suspect it’ll be rather frequent. While glass tabletops can look very nice, they’re not always the best choice for use around a pool. One sudden storm can blow your new patio table across the deck such as this pool owner saw several years ago. If your glass happens to bust it will send glass everywhere, possibly cutting the feet of future swimmers.

While that is a bad situation, it can be worse. If the patio table happens to blow into a pool it can create multiple issues. Owners of a vinyl liner pool it could cut the liner. Plaster owners may find the glass blends in with the pebbles of their pool thus they’ll find it difficult to vacuum up. While a glass table can look nice, we simply suggest avoiding this for your pool. There are many nice wood and composite options out there now, we find them ideal for pool side.

Have a Seat 

pool furniture

When selecting pool furniture, remember it will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear- sun and chlorine being high on the list. Patio chairs easily can alter the atmosphere around your pool. When selecting your furniture take a few minutes and relax before you purchase. Sit down in the store and test everything out making sure the perfect piece is comfortable before you buy. This can require a trip to a brick and mortar store. If, however you find the perfect outdoor living set online spend some time reading every review you can.

When shopping keep in mind the time of year. Often at the end of the season you’ll find large discounts on furniture and outdoor decor as demand drops drastically come fall into winter. Proper planning can likely save the homeowner a bundle. Finding the perfect brand, then buying pieces over time as your budget allows. The internet can be a large help if you’ve found the piece but the pattern just doesn’t match on the cushions. There are companies online that will make custom outdoor pillows and cushions that are made from outdoor warranted materials that will last many years with proper care.

Don’t overcrowd your Outdoor Living Area

When shopping for your pool furniture consider how many seats you want and need. Users may even wish to take a tape measure with you. Measuring items and the space you’ll be using them in will allow you to make sure you don’t overcrowd your outdoor living area. Large items such as patio tables will quickly take up valuable space and make your area feel rather cramped. Measure in the store so you don’t regret it once you get home.

If you’re faced trying to furnish a small space consider furniture that doubles as storage. Some patio chairs have hidden storage under the seats that can hide towels while ottoman can hide all those pool noodles the kids seem to love. Often these pieces maybe more expensive up front, but the extra storage is worth the added price.

Again, buyers who are searching online may find it difficult to get actual measurements. Augmented reality technology may help assist buyers in this case. Many stores are now providing smartphone owners the ability to virtually display the piece in their home.

Patio Furniture such as these patio chairs can be a huge addition to any outdoor living area.

Pool Furniture in the Water

Many owners are installing ledges in their pool so they can use furniture in the water. If you’re wanting to relax in the pool there are a few items you should consider when buying. The most important is to look at the bottom of the furniture to make sure there’s nothing that may damage your pools surface. Make sure there’s no sharp edges that can scratch your surface nor should there be any metal that may rust. Also consider how the water will treat the piece sitting in the water- will it hold up to the elements?

Another item that should always be looked at is how the pool is commonly used. If you’ve got little ones there’s a good possibility that chair you’ve installed will be turned into a diving platform. If this is a chance we suggest you make sure any furniture that’s being installed in the pool is able to be removed for safety when you’re not using it.

How to Clean your Pool Furniture

Proper cleaning is one of the best things a pool owner can do to ensure long life out of furniture. While patio furniture cleaner can be expensive a simple mixture of borax, dishwasher soap, and a tad bit of bleach will help keep your furniture looking like new. Mix these three products to clean the furniture and outdoor cushions then rinse well. Once done, dry in the sun. Pay special attention to the straps on patio chairs making sure all areas are cleaned and dried before storage.

Before using this mixture on any furniture a homeowner should test the product in an area that can’t be easily seen just in case in damages the material. Using outdoor furniture covers in the off season can help maintain the appearance and should help extend the furniture’s lifespan.