Pool Equipment

Test Kits Compared

One of the most important pieces of equipment you can purchase to maintain your pool is a proper test kit. Unfortunately, Pool Store testing seems to be unreliable and can lead you to add chemicals to your water that aren’t needed. Nothing will give you more accurate and consistent results than testing with your own test kit.

We recommended you purchase a test kit that contains the FAS/DPD chlorine test as this will allow you to test your chlorine levels up to 50ppm while cheaper test kits can only test up to 5ppm. Two of the most commonly purchased test kits on TFP are the TF-100 and the Taylor K2006C. Both test kits use Taylor Reagents, and both will give you the data you need to maintain your pool. You may find some stores locally selling the Taylor K-2005 which is missing the all important FAS/DPD test. Below is a comparison of these two kits as well as other kits you may find on the internet. 

Videos showing the tests performed can be found HERE.

Test Kits Compared

1 If you already purchased a Taylor K-2005 or Leslie’s 81330 DPD test kit, the FAS/DPD test can be bought separately to give you the equivalent of the recommended test kits.

2 The TFTestkits use Taylor reagents….the reagent numbers are interchangeable.