How To

Closing (Winterizing) Your Above Ground Pool

With a heavy heart, it’s time to put your jacket on and trudge out to the pool and start preparing her for the winter. Keep those great summer days in your mind as you use this checklist to make sure you have done a good job of protecting your valuable equipment for the winter. Spring is only months away!!

  • This procedure should be begun well before danger of freeze to allow all equipment adequate time to fully drain/dry and prevent the chance of damage to hoses, fittings and equipment. However, don’t close too early, wait for the water to get down to 60 degrees or lower.
  • Clean and brush pool. Bring pool water to “shock” level and maintained there for 24hrs with pump running to be sure that there are no remaining algae blooms. 
  • Steps, ladders and mats should be removed from pool, cleaned and stored. 
  • Drain water to 6″ below lowest return/skimmer opening and hoses/fittings removed.
  • Skimmer/return plugs or “gizmos” may be installed or they may be left open – this is a personal choice for each pool owner
  • A polyquat algaecide may be administered per dosing instructions on product (optional.) Distribute evenly with brush, leaf rake or leaf skimmer.
  • Remove and drain any solar panels – store for the winter. Solar covers/reels should be cleaned and properly stored for the winter. 
  • Drain filters/pump well and remove pump, hoses and fittings. Inspect all items for evidence of damage or excessive wear and plan to order replacements before spring. 
  • Remove muti-port/spider gasket. Smaller fittings, hardware and filter drain plugs can be stored inside pump pot basket – lube pump pot basket with silicone lube. Remaining pump hardware can be placed inside gallon zip-lock bag and taped to side of pump.
  • Store pump, smaller filter systems and muti-port/spider gaskets inside for the winter.
  • If not already done, mark/identify hoses/fittings for their proper use and store for the winter
  • Secure a large black plastic garbage bag or tarp over larger/sand filters to prevent debris, snow, ice, and water damage.
  • If using a winter cover, install per manufacturers instructions (i.e., pillows and anchoring) 
  • A leaf net may be used over the winter cover until the majority of leaves and autumn debris are done dropping. This will help avoid a rotting leaf swamp in the spring. Be sure to remove the leaf net and any accumulated debris prior to hard freeze. Store away until spring when it can be used just prior to start up for early leaf/tree pollen drop.

    Now spend the winter months dreaming of summer fun in the pool next season!