New SoCal IG shotcrete pool build - equipment set, Final Inspection Passed, Pebble Done! Let there be water! Back deck finish choices

Decided on tile for raised back deck but a bit lost on the transition. 20220626_221002.jpg
The intent is to have the posts and face done in the same stacked stone to match the raised bond beam on the pool.
Where I am lost is how to transition from the stacked stone to the tile? The quartzite we used for the stacked stone and coping is available in a 3/4" "Mason select " so I am toying with lining the first 18" of deck with that to mimic the coping but am concerned if that will be too thin to overhang the 1 1/2" to match up with the vertical stacked stone face. Any suggestions?





Is anything acceptable during summer heat?

You may be better served finding a brush that can get into that area better.
That area looks pretty shallow. You could just jump in and brush it with a scrub brush or nail brush.

Also, you may be able to adjust your returns to get better circulation in that area.
I did get one of those round toilet brush looking attachments. I’ll keep up on that corner better. Tried adjusting the return and unfortunately when they glued it on some glue overflowed into the eyeball. I don’t want to risk cracking anything.
The shelf things are overrated. Not really a fan but never know until you have it.
Upped my chlorine to Slam level for tonight and check in the morning. Should be good to go. The water is so clear I can read a book on the bottom.

Water test

It’s hard for us to trust pool store testing so we really can’t give much advice on it. We could be telling you to do things with your pool that are completely wrong.

If you want to take control of your pool it starts with doing your own accurate testing. Either a TF-100 from or a K-2006c from Amazon (the c is important).

Once you have that we can offer better advice. :)

Waterfall material

I like my waterfall because it's big and has several jumping stones BUT it also has three basins in it that stay full so I am forced to run the waterfall twice a day to make sure the water stays fresh. It adds a lot of aeration if I run it for long periods of time. It's also attached to a 1.5HP pool pump which I absolutely HATE because its totally overkill for the task. The builder should have used a waterfall pump but, since those are being phased-out by DOE regulations, I'm likely going to have to purchase a variable speed pump. I really wish the DOE regs would have made an exception for low HP single-speed water feature pumps but they did not.

The following classes of pool pumps are exempt from meeting the minimum energy-efficiency standards:
  • Waterfall Pumps that operate at ≤ 30 feet of head with a maximum speed of ≤ 1,800 RPM

AQUAPLUS showing zero under salt reading

You can also use a single 24 volt, 150 watt incandescent bulb instead of (2) 12 volt, 75 watt incandescent lights in series.

Incandescent bulbs can take AC or DC.

Typically, 12 volt lights are easier to find, but whichever bulbs are cheaper and available.

Sometimes, the ammeter in the circuit board will go bad and read zero or low when the current is actually good.

The lights are a good load test because if they get fully bright and the amp reading is zero or low, you know that the ammeter is bad.

You can also measure the current with your own multimeter to see if it matches the display from the box.

The voltage starts at about 30 to 31 volts and it drops about 1 volt per amp of current.

Your voltage is over 30, so the current is probably accurate.

If the voltage reading was 24 volts and the amperage was zero or low, then the amperage is probably incorrect.

Time to get serious

SLAM isn’t dumping in some chlorine and hoping for the best. You have to test often, as much as once an hour if you can, at least 2-3 times a day, and add FC back to SLAM levels each time. Liquid chlorine is the way to go.

You’ll need to add CYA to get to 30ppm or the chlorine will burn off in the sun. Follow the steps in the SLAM Process article. Scrub, vacuum. Keep the FC elevated and let the filter clean the dead algae out.

Temperature Sensors w/ IntelliCenter


Wrapping up the plumbing on a new install, and looking for some guidance on temperature sensors connected to our Pentair IntelliCenter.

We have an i5 w/ IC40 Cell, UltraTemp 140, VSF, and some valve actuators for returns/features.

I have to connect the solar temp sensor because of the UltraTemp, but id rather not waste it sitting in the panel - can I install this on the output side of the heat pump to see the water temp coming out of the UltraTemp?

Ideally, I would lobe to see Air Temp, Water Temp (before heat pump), and Water Temp "Solar" (after heat pump). I can easily see air & water temp in IntelliCenter, but where does the sensor value for the solar temp sensor show?

Should the water temp sensor be installed between the pump and filter? Right now, my PB has it between the filter and heat pump - is this OK? Should we move?

Thank you!

Goodyear, AZ (EMR) O/B Pool Deliberations - UPDATE - Construction/Destruction Has Begun!

Saturday, they mortared in place the edge of the patio overlay towards the back in order to allow for deck drain to be installed (will be installed the length of the house wall and patio). They also moved the base material around the yard and started staking strings to determine the correct slope. They remembered without me asking to leave the space by my skimmer free of material for now to allow room for the shotcrete repair.

Here's a few pictures of it in the sun.
PXL_20220626_000151837-resized.jpgPXL_20220626_000154740 - Copy.jpgPXL_20220626_000202442 - Copy.jpgPXL_20220626_000204477 - Copy.jpgPXL_20220626_000210432 - Copy.jpg

And you can see the variety of colors of the blend even more when it was in the shade this morning.
PXL_20220626_143421689 - Copy.jpgPXL_20220626_143431081 - Copy.jpgPXL_20220626_143438003 - Copy.jpg

It's not as monochromatic as we were expecting, but we are happy with the blend. It was a 107 degrees out here today and my wife and I tested the heat on the coping in the full sun on our bare feet. It wasn't cool by any means, but we could hold our weight on it for several seconds before it started to become uncomfortable. I'm not sure how it is going to do when it reaches the mid-teens out here, but I can't imagine a whole lot being comfortable with 117 degree heat and full sun.

PXL_20220626_143438003 - Copy.jpg

PXL_20220626_143431081 - Copy.jpg

PXL_20220626_143421689 - Copy.jpg