New Intex Owner

Hello all. My name is Gary and I live in central MO. My wife is a water girl, and so I decided to get muy feet wet on pool ownership by starting out with an Intex Ultra 20' round pool. The experience learned in the next few seasons should go a long ways to deciding whether a quality above ground, or an inground pool is in our future. I haven't had much time to read the forums yet, as I have just started a new job and things are pretty hectic in my life right now. I'm hoping to get the ground leveled and get the pool up fairly soon if the rain would decide to quit for a few days. I do have a few questions, but I'll try to seek out the right forums to ask them in.

Green Algae

I Everyone,
I have a bright green algae in a small area of my pool. I have tried to brush it and it disperses into multiple spots on the pool floor. I have been to my local pool store here in central Florida and they first recommended phosphate remover, didn't work. They then had me try "super green algaecide". No luck with that either. I'm losing confidence, not to mention money. I have attached a picture to help. Does anybody have any thoughts?

Thank you,



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Sand found near waste line

I just discovered that there is a sandy-looking substance in the dirt near our waste line. We just got done doing a SLAM so we have backwashed and vacuumed to waste on several occasions during the past week. Could this sandy-looking substance be dried up mustard algae or is this a sign that my sand filter is leaking sand when backwashing? I don't see any sand inside the pool and the sand filter seems to be working efficiently since our pool went from dark green to clear in 5 days. Sand filter is probably 15-18 years old and it is a Hayward Pro Series S244T. If it sounds like this substance could be sand, I need to know if it is safe to continue running the pump on filter until I can get someone over to look at it. My local pool pro is busy with pool openings right now so it would probably take a week or more to get him over here to look at it.

Pentair MasterTemp 250 Display Not Working

Good Morning Everyone,

We opened our pool a couple of days ago with no issues. We went to turn up the heat yesterday and the display that shows the temperature is not displaying anything. I am able to press the "pool on" button and the green light will show up, however, nothing appears on the small display.

I have checked the fuse and it doesn't appear to be blown. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Thank you in advance!

Where is the leak??

Hello. I have a 33ft above ground. Just opened it and the company opened it. I'm pretty confident I don't have a pool leak or it would have shown before opening. I have great pressure coming out of the eye, pool water is clear, everything seems to be running fine however all around the ground surrounding my sand filter there is water and a good amount of it. I see NO leaks visible around any hoses, valve port etc but it's been open a week and had to add water twice. I will fill it up to the 2nd screw and within 2-3 days it will drop down to almost the 3rd screw. Where in the heck is this water coming from??

Bromine Hot Tub Water Chemistry/Cleaning (Ahh-Some) Help

I have a 3 year old Simplicity DLX 4-Person 20-Jet Plug and Play Spa with Waterfall and Ozone System Hot Tub. I have mastered the TFP method for our new fiberglass pool and now I want to get my hot tub water sparkling as well. My hot tub is 205 gallons and i’m due for a empty/refill and filter replacement. I want to try Ahhsome as well, will the 2 oz amount be plenty? I have always used the Brom start and then used bromine tablets and shock weekly to keep it clean. I keep Liquid Chlorine now for my SWG pool, can I use that to shock my hot tub instead? I’m just trying to make sure i’m doing everything right to make this as simple and easy as the water chemistry in the pool. Thanks!​

Hot tub prices have gone up! I only paid $1.415 after wayfair lost my hot tub in transit and gave me 15% off in additional to my 10% coupon.


pH testing issue and CYA questions

I use a pH meter to test, and recently purchased a new meter. For some reason, I was doubting the new meter and decided to double check with my old meter. I first calibrated both. Everything looked good, both were reading very similar. Today, I checked again with both and they're reading very off of each other. I made a calibration solution of 6.86 and checked each meter and they're both reading the same in the calibration solution, right around 6.8-6.9. But I test both my pool and hot tub, and they're very off, enough that I would need to adjust if I went off of one meter, but wouldn't need to adjust if I went off the other meter. What could be causing this???? Could it be related to other chemicals in the water? How accurate is the drop test for pH from the Taylor K-1000? Maybe I should just ditch the meters and go with that.....

(in case the pics are hard to see, in one cup the pH is reading 7.1 and 7.54 and the other cup it's reading 7.0 and 7.41)


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ISO Pool tech in Austin area

Anyone recs for a pool tech in the Austin, TX area? I need someone to wire my relays and finishing touches to the pool equipment.
I had planned to DIY all of this, and have run the electrical and wire the power to the equipment, but need assistance to finish with the automation and final steps. I am just out of time and energy to keep working on it. Any leads are greatly appreciated.
thank you all!

Leak at Seal Plate of Pool Pump

I keep having an issue where pine needles are getting into my pump impeller. After cleaning them out the other day, I noticed a lot of water on my lawn the following morning. I've never previously had any leaks. I disconnected the seal plate (I think that's what it's called) and reseated it multiple times. The o-ring seems fine. It is still leaking, and after disconnecting it this morning, I noticed that there is a small chip at the bottom of the plate. It's hard to see, but it's noticeable if you look closely. It seems to be leaking in this spot, but I don't know if that is actually the cause. It's well under the o-ring, so I would think that part wouldn't matter much for sealing purposes, but I'm probably mistaken. I'm just trying to figure out the easiest way to correct this, as the impeller and motor are connected to this assembly.


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Pool Aeration

Hi all. Trying to figure out my next move. Opened the pool 36 hours ago. SLAM it. Pool is pretty clear.
Chlorine high as expected from STAMPING
PH 7
CH 70
TA 90
CYA 45

Best approach to raise the PH or should I add some muriatic acid to lower TA then aerate? Added 10lbs of CYA last night. Should I wait 24 hours to retest the levels before proceeding. Pump has been running since opening. Thank you all

Intex Heater

So my wife would like a heater for our Intex pool. 26' diameter, roughly 15,000 gallons. We have natural gas at our house, so I can run a line pretty easily for a heater. Looking for heater suggestions.

I suppose there's not much benefit in getting a small heater, right? May as well just get a 400,000 BTU/hr one? Anything else to look at or be aware of?

I know most heaters are about 80% efficient to prevent condensation. Are there condensing pool heaters like condensing furnaces that are more efficient? The furnace in my house is 96% efficient. Seems silly to have a heater that's way bigger that's only 80% efficient, but that might be the engineer in me...

Trying to determine pool size

Hey guys it's been a while since I have been on here! I just purchased a new home and I have a pool I am trying to determine size for proper chemical dosing! Here is a diagram I made with measurements and depth, its kind of too much for me to handle I think :laughblue:. I have been researching and am considering doing the TA test to chemically determine size. Not trying to get anyone to do the work for me, just point me in the right direction. Any help is greatly appreciated! I calculated roughly 30,000 gallons. (Prev owner said 40,000 pool store says 24,000)

The pool is a free form pool and measures 48.5 feet long and has different widths (18'6", 13'6" 12'8") as seen in diagram. Depths go from 2ft (sun ledge) to 6'4" (center). The spa is 8 feet 10 inches in diameter, but has a 16" bench all the way around!




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Hayward XStream CC200CAN locking ring jammed...again!

Just to give some background, three years ago I bought my first Hayward XStream CC200CAN cartridge filter and for the first year it worked great. The second year I used it, I noticed the locking ring tended to jam, but with a little more muscle, it was fairly unnoticeable at first, but was getting harder and harder to unlock and lock. The pool store where I bought it from suggested lubricating the O-Ring and using Jig-A-Loo on the threads of the bottom part....this didn't help much. They told me to bring it into the store. They checked it out and said it must be a defect with the product. Because of the manufacturer's warranty, they gave me a brand spanking new one and it worked fine for my third season. Now, I am prepping for my fourth season, and I am having the same problem now with the replacement. I won't be able to get another replacement and I am seriously wondering if this is just a bad product or if I messed something up while storing it as the problems seem to emerge at the beginning of a new season. I normally store it unscrewed (after having been dried out) in a warm dry part of my basement. I managed to screw the top back on, but now I can't unscrew it. So now, I am wondering if there is some way to salvage this or if I should just go back to a sand filter. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank-you!

Adding chlorine and acid daily

I do a full T-100 test weekly on my pool here in Florida, where it is 93* daily with 100% humidity. I make any/all additions that are called for. I go in the pool early in the day for a few minutes to cool off after our morning walk, so not a lot of bodies in the water. I do a pH and FC test daily, as recommended. I need to add 2 cups of both acid and chlorine each day. Is that normal? Should I make any adjustments? I have a 3400 reading on my Salt. Is there any other information that I can provide?

Advice on how to reroute pipes condensing down to one pump from 2.

Please see attached picture. I'm not 100% on what the pipe 3rd from the left is used for. I just got a Pentair INtelliflo VSF and I was thinking about completely eliminating both of my single speed pumps with this one if possible. The water feature was running on a 1.5HP and the filter on a 1HP. The new pump can go up to more than both combined which is what got me thinking about it. I want to try to get a powered valve controlled by my easy touch to allow for having the filter and water feature run at the same time and to increase the rpm of the pump when activated.

1. Can it be done?
2. How would you combine the pipes?
3. Any cons of doing it this way?


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Trouble screwing on on filter lid

The directions say that the lid needs to engage those hooks. Trouble I’m having though is getting it that far. I’m at least a full turn away when it stops. I tried spray silicone but that didn’t help at all. Is there a trick to this? I have this problem every year. I’ve tried a rubber mallet but then I get 1/8 of a turn and it’s a beast to remove. Thanks!


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