Hayward Omni logic firmware update - Be careful because the firmware updates are found in different places on the Hayward website.


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Feb 11, 2015
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Yes pay attention to where you download the updates because they have a couple of places on the website just look at the release date and the latest versions are released in 2019. If you click on support and then scroll to the Omni logic you’ll see all about the OmniLogic and the tabs like accessories manuals and then firmware updates is the last tab. That’s real find the latest updates. I found a page with updates somewhere that were not the latest versions .
This shouldn’t be such a difficult task took me two hours to figure out you have to remove the.txt that appears at the end of the file name or it won’t show up when you go put the USB in the Omni logic
did this yesterday and noticed yes you have to make the cursor flash on the file name and backspace the.txt out of the file name and hit enter. I did it with Firefox Safari and chrome and all of them had a dot at the end .txT
.DMG or whatever.
And yes I am actually trying to figure out why the firmware updates not appearing like they claimed these features would appear.
My clients have an Omni logic panel and they don’t even have a pool it’s just a spa. And under the schedule for the heater it doesn’t let you choose a countdown timer or an egg timer. What the heck and I can’t to spa mode because it is a spa it’s always in spa mode so they need to make it to where these people can have an egg timer on the heater and have it go back to normal after three hours or whatever they Want.
The user interface looks great but intuitive is a stretch. To add a user is incredibly frustrating to find and you have dig. To add a user shouldn’t be that hard. There’s several things that I’ve tried to get accomplished and got lost in the menus more than five or eight times and still have not accomplished those particular tasks. I’m sorry that’s not intuitive that is a lot of work to be done. With that said it’s wonderful and it will be great after these kinks are worked out and menus are full with menu items and when you click on settings you see all your possible settings. It is not intuitive in that manner. So you guys at Hayward software development need to get to work... The only logic is online. The whole firmware updating situation is absolutely asinine. We shouldn’t be having to do this unless the system is on a house without an Internet connection. If the system can get its date and time from the Internet it should be able to get it sewn firmware updates right there through the little LCD screen on the panel.
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Reese, thanks for the tips on where to find the OmniLogic firmware. I added your tips to the Hayward OmniLogic - Further Reading page. If you have any others, please share them.

I see what the problem is with finding the latest firmware. When doing a search I found a hayward-pool.ca page that did not have the latest firmware listed. Many folks would not notice that page is a .ca site instead of the USA .com site.


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Oct 16, 2019
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I have never had an issue finding the latest firmware... just go to hayward.com/firmware and the latest version is on the top. They keep the older versions around in case folks have specific issues after upgrading and need to go back to a previous version.

If you look around on the site you will be able find several old versions for each type of product that has replaceable firmware. hayward.com/firmware always shows the latest version.

I just installed R3.2, and started a thread on it with at least one issue I've run into.
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