What is this poorly covered vent on the side of my pool?

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That is really odd. I wonder why they covered that up? It must not be totally unusable or they would've closed it completely. Hummmm. I wonder if the plastic vent is damaged behind that tape? That would explain it. Those deck vents just look like deck drains to me (i.e. French drain underneath). Maybe you can remove the covers and follow their path to some point. The pool vent (assuming overflow) might connect as well so that all excess water goes somewhere ideal.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I agree, it is an overflow drain. It prevents your water from getting too high and over flowing the coping.

It may be covered because it was installed a little low and the previous owner wanted to keep his water a little higher.

I did a similar thing as I wanted my water about an inch higher.. Although I used a piece of plastic inside the cover and and not duct tape.. :mrgreen:


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Aug 10, 2017
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They do this alot when they are too low and the waves from cannonballers lower the water level constantly. You can make a baffle for the inside to combat this as Jim did, it's a smart fix