What does your pool paradise look like?


Mar 26, 2014
United States
Here are just a couple. Wrapping up our remodel. I'll post more when I finish in a few weeks. We had our exposed aggregate torn out and repoured with stamped/colored. The house wraps around the pool on 3 sides. All the old steps were falling away from the house and one door had a handicap ramp from the previous owner that was poured concrete but crumbling.

The wall with the laminars will soon also be a fire pit between the fountains. The laminars and the new pool light can sync the lights if desired. Used SR Smith products.


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Aug 29, 2017
Toronto, Canada
May I ask why put the BBQ so far away from the house? Just curious. Looks great!
Keeps the straight line asthetics of the waterfall wall, plus it hides the ugly fence. I didnt see a point in taking up valuable space near the house (where I have my linear fire table - same brick and coping as the waterfall).

We planted some ornamental grass and vines along that back fence to hopefully spruce it up a bit. Once it fills in the spot lighting should look nice.