What does your pool paradise look like?


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Jan 2, 2016
Milton, Ontario
I have been a long time member and owned a Intex inflatable ring type pool for a few years. I have since move houses and now have an inground pool. Over this spring my wife an I have done a lot to spruce it up. I have to take some photos this weekend but will post some teasers now.

What does your pool paradise look like? I would love to see tuns of photos of other members pools and pool side decorating in hopes to get some ideas for mine. I'm sure others would love to see as well.

To give some context to the photos Some are from the first opening of the pool this spring, the others are the installation of the safety fence and a few of articles around the pool currently. I will post more last this weekend.





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May 29, 2017
Boston, MA
They're aren't too many triangle shaped pools out there! I thought your pool's shape looked similar to ours. We get the same type of comments about how unique it looks. Our yard is a triangle so we had to work with what we had :party:

edit: and yes, you were correct, it was the 4th of July!


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Nice job getting it open and ready for fun!

Both of those pools show how it can be done when you think outside the box. What wonderful areas they are!



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Jan 2, 2016
Milton, Ontario
Looks like a blank canvas :)

We like shade so it's all about the patio cover. Just finished construction on the cover in this shot so there's no furniture in the pic.
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Just looking at this photo makes me hot lol. I like what you did wit the umbrella. Giving a full sun pool some shade. Great new deck!

Still kind of new to this so it is a bit of a work in progress. This is where we are now.

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Your pool color reminds me of the ocean. You have so much room to work with! Great photo

Here’s our backyard pool paradise. If you’re backyard is paradise, you never have to go on vacation.