What did you do to your pool today?


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Jun 12, 2011
Spent a hour or two cleaning it up from yesterday’s storm. I don’t think it stayed clean for much over an hour until this evening’s storm trashed it again. This is getting old, having a dust storm or monsoon storm every day.


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Jun 20, 2016
dude ur complaining! lol i have taken 6 inches plus out today! my salt is reading 2500 now so that means I'm on fc testing duty till i can get salt in it again.


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Sep 27, 2016
Oshawa, ON, Canada
Got home from a week on Long Island to a clean and clear pool. FC was still at slam level from the floater of tabs. CYA should be 40 now, will check as soon as we have a sunny day.

Update: sun came out today, CYA right on target![emoji5]