VGreen 165 Replacement Motor


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Apr 8, 2020
Saint Augustine, FL
Hey guys, I just replaced my single speed USQ1102 with a VGreen 165 variable speed motor. During the installation I ended up having to replace the plate that attaches between the impeller and the motor because the metal screw bushings pulled out due to corrosion. The single speed was replaced last year by a pool guy and it is so corroded I don't think the seals were replaced. Anyway, it's a whisperflo system and I'm wondering if I should have replaced the diffuser since I had it all apart. There was one piece about two inches long on the diffuser that looked like the old impeller rubbed against it. Other than that, the ring on the diffuser looked fine and there were no cracks on the diffuser.

So the million dollar question, how can you tell when a diffuser needs to be replaced? I've been searching all evening for the answer to this and can't find anything.

FYI, I haven't turned anything on yet because I was told by the guys at Pinch a Penny to use silicone adhesive on the pump seal that attaches to the plate (not the one on the impeller). So I'm letting that dry overnight before I hit the power. I'm wondering if that was incorrect now after reading some posts...




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Jul 3, 2013
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I am also changing mine out this weekend... I have no idea what or when a new diffuser would be needed... maybe this bump will get it noticed :)


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Apr 8, 2020
Saint Augustine, FL
I talked to the guys at pinch a penny today and they said it's likely that a diffuser isn't needed unless its cracked. I turned my pump on today and its working great. However, now there is constant power to the system because my new pump has wifi mgmt that allows me to schedule the RPMs of the pump. Not a problem with the pump, but the chlorinator is complaining with a "no flow" light. Obviously there is no flow, but I'm wondering if that will ruin the chlorinator by having constant power to it.


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May 3, 2014
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The SWCG needs to be wired to a timer to remove power from it when the pump is not running. You would schedule the SWCG in a window that you have the pump scheduled to run.
Leaving the SWCG powered on without flow can result in the SWCG exploding.