Unleveled Pool 1.75-1.85 Inches Please Help!!!


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Jun 8, 2020
San Antonio, Texas
With 4 kids of that age my worry is about them getting the water rocking and rolling and causing the legs to sift off the blocks. I don't think it is safe :(
Ok. The pool come down then. What's the fastest and safest way to empty it? Also i should level the ground better. What is the fastest to do so. Thanks


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Jul 10, 2012
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I have a sad but a hospital visit would be even worse.

To drain put a hose in it and start a suction. If you have a submersible pump is even easier.

Look at the link Allen shared about leveling for a pool. There are also many videos about doing it.

I wish you lots of luck and wish it was easier!
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I agree with @kimkats. You can certainly put legs on pressure treated 2x6s, but building it up with small blocks ain't gonna cut it. You need to drain the pool :rant:then level your site (dig down, not build up), put 12" pavers in place, and set your pool up again.

A lot of work, I know, but well worth it for the safety of the younguns , and yourself!
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Nov 28, 2019
Northern Ohio
My old pool was a 12' Intex pool so it was smaller but I did the same thing. I put wood blocks under the legs and had no issues. That being said, I would definitely check them periodically for any movement. My two kids used to get that 12' pool looking like a wave pool and the legs never came off the blocks. I had it set like that for 3 seasons and no problems. I agree though, fix it for next season.
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