The Top 10 Names for Your Pool...


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People love to name their boats and cars - why not name your pool!

So, if you were going to name your pool, what would it be?

The Top 10 submissions will be used in the July issue of the newsletter.



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May 27, 2007
Middle Tennessee
We'd name our pool "Vacation". I always tell folks we take our vacation a weekend at a time, floating in the pool. Another good name would be "Rotisserie", since when you're floating in the middle the circulation just spins you around while you bake in the sun. :)


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Apr 11, 2008

Sekellus is the celtic god of alcoholic drinks.

It all came to be when we bought the house and decided we had to name the bar in the basement. I previously always used celtic gods as names for my computers, and thought it fitting that we name the bar after the media server that would be playing the music there.

Then, once it got warmer, we started working on The Patio at Sekellus, in the back yard.


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May 20, 2007
Houston, Tx
my father in law calls it his Ool, no P in it. (yes i know, its not original). ours used to be called the swamp, but now its not a swamp any more, its a beautiful no name for it anymore.


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Feb 8, 2008
Milford, CT
"Hole in the ground that was cheaper to put a new liner in than to cave in and fill with dirt"


(the pool was there when I bought the house, at first I wanted a house with a pool, then I didnt......then I ended up with a house that had one anyway)


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Aug 16, 2007
Well, since Money Pit is taken...let's call it 'The Last Resort'

Never be able to afford another vacation, so this pool is our private getaway. Last, because we'll never build another one!