1. P

    Polaris 280 Back Wheels Not Touching - Adjust Rear Thrust Jet Up (Post #3)

    I had an issue where the back wheels on the Polaris kept rising off the bottom. Those familiar with bicycle tricks would recognized this maneuver as an "endo" over the front wheel. Anyway, there is a thrust jet on the rear of the Polaris that can be adjusted upward to keep the back wheels on...
  2. Caracbeara

    Polaris disc causing screeching

    Looking for help! We had to replace our Pentair vs pump yesterday. Since the new pump was installed, there’s been a terrible screeching from the Polaris return when the Polaris is not plugged in. If I remove the blue resistor disc, the sound goes away but the flow is so strong that it spills...
  3. L

    Best robot for large pool.

    We have an L shaped pool that is about 38 x 28. The deep end is 8 feet and it’s closest to the outlet, but a standard 50 foot cord won’t get my whole pool clean. The Polaris 9650 IQ has a 70 foot cord, but even that might not give me the coverage I want. Not sure if the extra 10 feet of cord is...
  4. R

    Polaris 380 wheels not turning

    Hello, I wonder if some has any ideas as to what can be wrong with my Polaris 380. The wheels are not turning at all. They only turn manually. Polaris just went thru a rebuilt, new belts, wheels, all new gears, all ball bearings are new as well as a new back up valve and tail. It was working...
  5. M

    Polaris pool cleaner tail

    I have a Polaris TR35p pool sweep and for some reason the tail keeps collecting debris causing the tail to stop sweeping. The debris is collecting in the slots before the sponge. I’m assuming the Venturi is collecting the debris but I’ve never had this problem before. Any reason why it might be...
  6. B

    Polaris 3900 back up valve very weak

    Hi guys I have a Polaris Sport 3900. The back up valve is very weak so it will typically stay stuck in the same corner. I have spent some time reading the forums but couldn’t find the answer. check this link for the videos: iCloud In the past month I have replaced the wall fitting and also back...
  7. Polaris 3900_sport_parts.jpg

    Polaris 3900_sport_parts.jpg

    Polaris 3900 sport parts disgram
  8. D

    Demo in CA Bay Area? Is there really any difference?

    I was hoping to find a robotic cleaner to demo for a day before spending $1,000 + on one. I can't believe how hard it is to find a dealer in the east bay area that has a demo, its not like I'm in the middle of nowhere... The Dolphin "Elite Dealer" I talked to today doesn't even stock any of...
  9. J

    Polaris 380 Tune Up Not Moving in Water

    Hello, looking for help. I just rebuilt my old Polaris 380 with a tune up kit. It had a broken belt but I replaced all the parts except for base assembly, frame, water management pipes and a few other minor components. All wheels, bearings, rods, turbines, etc were replaced. Everything appears...
  10. C

    DYI Polaris tail scrubbers

    This spring I drained my pebble sheen pool, pressure and acid washed it. I lost quite a few pebbles in the process and the surface is quite a bit rougher now. I recall way back when the built the pool that the pebble guys used a diamond grinders to take the edge off the pebbles, but I forgot...
  11. P

    Can I close the pressure return line?

    We have a two return lines that pipe to the jets, as well as a dedicated pressure line that a booster pump is connected to. The Polaris that we have is busted. The port for the Polaris is open to the pool and water is freely pumping out of it. I am pretty sure it is reducing the pressure of the...
  12. S

    Pool just plastered with no threaded line for my Polaris 380

    Hey all- Just had my pool plastered and filled with water. The crew plastered up to the polaris 1.5" line but did not put any adapter on the end. The adapter piece included with the cleaner has threads on the end and the wall side of the line doesnt have threads. Is there another adapter I...
  13. akhil

    Polaris 360 Not Moving properly

    I recently cleaned the filter still the polaris filter is moving slowly. I changed the motor speed still it wont move properly. Any suggestions? Thank You!
  14. F

    Polaris 3900 Sticky Wheels

    Hello - I noticed over the past few weeks that the wheels on my Polaris 3900 began slowing down until finally now they don't spin at all. I can take it out of the water and give the wheels a helping push and they will spin for a while, but soon it stops again. Any ideas on what it could be...