1. A

    No Ionization

    One thing I've learned quickly is that ionization is not the popular opinion! And after reading.... I understand. BUT, when I purchased my package with my pool, my installer was suggesting the ionizer system and he would provide for me. He helped me place my order. Now if I'd like to change...
  2. R

    Dolphin Triton PS Plus picking up leaves

    I have had this unit about 10 months and been very happy with it. Previous cleaner Polaris 280. My pool is under 2 oak trees so this year I covered the pool to keep the leaves out and ran the Dolphin every day each week to keep it scrubbed. The problem is it now only picks up enough leaves to...
  3. S

    Dolphin s300i Servo Overload

    I bought my Dolphins two years ago and have used it less than 100x. For the last two weekends in a row, it has run for around 45-1hr and then stopped. I unplug it, start it back up and it runs for 5-10 mins then stops. The Control module stays lit up. I can also remote control it using my phone...
  4. F

    Need advice on above ground robotic cleaner. Aquabot or dolphin?

    I am looking to buy a robotic cleaner for my 27' above ground pool. I think I have narrowed it down to the AQUABOT BREEZE SE with scrubber and the DOLPHIN E10. I haven't seen a direct comparison between the two regarding pros/cons, longevity, reliability and general effectiveness. If anyone has...
  5. J

    Dolphin Active 30 cleaning problems

    New Pool Owner and Active 30 owner here. After powerwashing the cement around the pool, the pool was quite dirty. I had the Dolphin run about 3 or 4 cycles (with the filter ending up with a small amount of sand in it after every cleaning) and the pool still looked like the below with dirt along...
  6. RobertFlagg

    The Pool is almost done... Roseville, Ca.

    As you can see on the preliminary sketch up, we have narrowed it down to size and shape. Looking over all the threads I have narrowed down what we want for the most part. thoughts on depth 9' and step configurations would be great. Placement of deck jet, more or less... and any other feature...
  7. D

    Demo in CA Bay Area? Is there really any difference?

    I was hoping to find a robotic cleaner to demo for a day before spending $1,000 + on one. I can't believe how hard it is to find a dealer in the east bay area that has a demo, its not like I'm in the middle of nowhere... The Dolphin "Elite Dealer" I talked to today doesn't even stock any of...
  8. H

    Maytronics Dolphin z5 power supply fell into pool!

    I'm new to pool care and completely blew it. I threw the dolphin cleaner in the pool and didn't untangle the cord. The robot pulled the caddy in with the power supply and cord attached. I dried it out for a couple days then tried to fire it up. Its blue power light flashed a few times then...
  9. H

    Dolphin Power Supply Fell into Pool, Now won't work

    I have a Maytronics Dolphin 2002 Dynamic pool cleaner. The robot cleaner works great, but it pulled the caddy and power supply into the pool. I pulled it out and dried it several days then plugged it in. Sometimes I get a quick flashing blue light, but it won't stay lit and won't power the...
  10. PopcornGirl2

    Need Input on Dolphin Active Robotic Cleaners

    My head is swimming, y'all... I have been reading and researching and watching videos, and now I'm definitely suffering from information overload! I have had a Kreepy Krauly suction cleaner for >10 years and I'm ready to go robotic, but I'm having trouble deciding which model I should buy. I...
  11. D

    Help finding Dolphin s300i serial number

    My app recently stopped working with my Dolphin and now it is prompting me to enter the serial number, which it says can be found by removing the filter on the robot. The problem is I can’t find it anywhere and the manual is also no help. Anyone know how to find it? I’ve tried using the serial...
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    2019 inaugural run of Mr. T
  13. 5351CBAB-2A27-4F5F-8370-B6BDDBB3A9CD.jpeg


    Dolphin S-300i integrated filter basket is full after a 2.5 hour run cycle
  14. KDpoolguy

    New Pool, New Cleaner

    Always love seeing all my fellow TFPers new pools and I’m thrilled to share my new pool (when escrow closes soon o_O). Built in 2000, 12000 gal Freeform IG pebble pool, and a huge 1800 gallon elevated spa. It’s my First stab at an SWCG pool, and happy it’s been freshly drained, acid wash/media...