Pump shutting down right after SWCG turns on


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Apr 25, 2020
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Re:  Pump shutting down when SWG is on

I am having this same problem with the exact same symptoms. I have a hard time accepting that no one has a solution to this problem. It does seem to be an electronically timed shut down because of the repeated one minute run time. I also called Intex and their answer is the low voltage thing or faulty unit. No solution beyond this. I even asked him to consult his super... still no solution. I hope some electronic nut figures this out.
I have the same issue... had the system got a couple of seasons, I I put new water, added the salt and put it on The FP setting for 24 hrs as indicated to dissolve all the salt, then I put it programmed and find out that the pump shots down 1-2 minutes after the SWG starts working, but I think you can still hear the generator or something still running... anyone found any solution?
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