Leak around light

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I suspect it may depend on exactly where the leak is originating. If leak is actually in the niche behind the light due to shifting soil that cracked the electrical conduit, that's one thing. But if it's truly at the junction of vinyl seam and light/niche, that could end-up being a much more extensive repair issue.

I'm going to ping @PoolguyinCT who may be able to confirm and provide a bit more advice.


May 7, 2017
Sewell, NJ
Thanks. As of now I’m planning to shove some epoxy putty in there. The leak is definitely on the outer rim of the niche. I think it’s called the niche. Between the outer ring and the vinyl. Confirmed with dye.

I will probably put some epoxy in there and hope it gets me through this year and will probably replace the liner next year.

Unless you wise folks tell me that’s a dumb idea :)