Jandy LXi 400n Fault Check IGN Control


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Mar 30, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
After the blower starts, the air pressure switch should close. You can check this by checking for 24 volts between IC Gnd and IC PSW. If you don't have 24 volts you can remove the tubing from the air pressure switch and blow through when the tubing isn't attached to anything and check to see if it is clear and not cracked between the ends. You can check that the fittings that the tubing is connected to at the far ends away from the pressure switch are not obstructed. If you had a differential manometer you could check the actual pressure differential that the blower is developing as the replacement pressure switch that I am seing is marked " 1.00 +or - 0.08. Below should be your manual. Refer to page 50 "Blower Pressure Switch Circuit". File too large to attach. Here is download page for "H 0286900 manual". Jandy | LXi Heater


Jun 15, 2020
Austin, TX
@swamprat69 - That's probably not it then since the blower will not come on although it did come on when I gave it 24v in the earlier reply. Trying to avoid spending $400 plus on a new board or a bad one on eBay. Will go through all of my measurements again on the trouble shooting guide.
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