1. C

    Homemade priming adapter and Jandy valve leaking through screw hole in stem!

    Hi folks. Just thought I would share what turned out to be a multi-day PITA on a two year old pool with very hard prime, losing prime over night and an obvious suction air leak. I have 100ft uphill run to the equipment, so spring opening restart is never super fun, but this year, it took me two...
  2. T

    Can you use a Hayward transformer with Jandy Lights

    My Hawyard Colorlogic have failed multiple times- only once under warranty- flicker of death, and we are finally replacing with Jandy. The transformer that is already in place is a Hayward. Can I use that or is there something unusual about it and I need a Jandy or other brand?
  3. H

    Replace Jandy PHPM 2.0 pump

    Pool build finished spring 2014 so 9 years old now. In ground, vinyl liner, cartridge filter, with Jandy PHPM 2.0 pump for 33k gallons. Opened yesterday and pump is working but very loud. Pool place said they’ll replace motor and seal for $850. Looking to find out if that’s a reasonable...
  4. B

    Jandy JXI Heater Not Working

    Hi All! I'm new to this forum and new to inground salt water pools and heaters. I have had multiple above ground pools over the years, so I have some familiarity. My family purchased a house this fall and moved into it in the winter. So my first experience with the pool and equipment was this...
  5. E

    Aqualink RS. Adding landscape lights to extra aux

    Total newbie. I have A new pool and a AquaLink RS control. Everything the pool company i stalled Is fine. I wanted to add control for the pool landscape lighting. I added A breaker and connected to relay 6. I thought The ‘extra aux’ on app would control it. But no joy. Any advice. Any specific...
  6. A

    Jandy Aqualink - Lagging lights drop out of sync

    Ok so my pool was recently completed but upon completion I noticed that my Jandy LED nicheless lights lose sync when trying to change colors from the app and web app. When changing the colors the lights begin their process. However, in between some of the colors the turn off process will just...
  7. S

    Suggestions for a trouble free controller setup for a Pentair system

    We have a vacation home with a Pentair EasyTouch pool & spa that we also rent out as a vacation rental. The controller set up has been giving us and our guests a lot of headache. Any suggestions for a pool controller system that would let us do the following? - Guests only have access to spa...
  8. X

    Separate Spa & Pool Light on Jandy System

    Hi All, MY pool builder installed my Jandy Pool System last year. Part of that was 3 Jandy Watercolor Nichless lights. 1 in the spa and 2 in the pool. They are all controlled by the same aux port. I want the ability to set my SPA light and POOL lights to a different color. The pool builder...
  9. O

    Jandy WaterColors, LED Color Pool Light CPHVRGBWS150 - Aftermarket replacement suggestions?

    Hello, TFP! About four months ago, my pool light started going out and would only display in red and white. The spa light still works as expected. At this point, the light simply no longer works and I have not yet been able to get Jandy to warranty it, because I bought my home with the pool...
  10. L

    Pool Pump Replacement Compatible with iAquaLink

    Hello Friends!, I can call you that because you have worked us through several issues over the past 12 months. With a fast approaching spring we are in need to replace one of our pool pumps. We converted this summer to the As the previous owners broke the handheld unit. We now need to...
  11. P

    Jandy Aqualink RS + PDA trouble

    Hello all, I have an Aqualink RS + PDA + Aquapure installation that was already in place when I bought this house in 2009. A week ago the PDA would not respond to its ON button -- no backlight, no text on screen. I changed the batteries, but the problem remained. Troubleshooting instructions say...
  12. NeutronJohn

    Pump Motor Dead at 3.5 years

    Howdy all, I'm looking for options on replacing a pool pump. My pump motor started making a squealing noise last Friday (only when running higher RPM). I figured the bearing was going out and was going to schedule service after the New Year (pool company was closed for the holiday). It...
  13. M

    Jandy Pump Protocol

    Hello I have a zodiac pump which uses the Jandy rs485 protocol. I want to throw away the controller and control the VSP pump directly from a home automation system and read back the RPM and power. There are heaps of old threads on this topic refering to the Jandy pump protocol which someone...
  14. MgoPool

    Water Features (Fountains and such)

    Hello the board: My wife and I recently purchased our 1st and last pool home! It has been a learning experience to say the least and no amount of reading can prepare you for the onslaught of data! With that said we are still 100% happy we took the plunge and are eager to learn everything that...
  15. T

    Aquapure replacement! CMP PowerClean Salt Ultra 540

    So I've had this pool for about 10 years now and I am fed up with the Jandy Aquapure system. It is cool to adjust the percentage from my phone, but I realize that I only really do that twice a year to swap seasons. And the cell just has problems, the first couple years it was all about the...
  16. Z

    Jandy IAqualink WiFi module with PDA Remote

    I spoke with Jandy by email they have confirmed that it is possible, BUT wont give me instructions only dealers of their products.... Our existing handheld which was on our old controller is Handheld 3.0 Blue Jandy PDA (Blue One) The JBox has a V3.0 sticker the board says 4606. When both the...
  17. B

    Jandy pump repair in Houston Area

    My Jandy VSFLOPRO pump is making a noise with leaks near the motor/wet area. Anybody in the area familiar with any pump repair service companies/tech. Please let me know. Thanks!
  18. A

    SMart JVA and CoverPools

    Hi all - brand new pool owner, so go easy on me... We have a CoverPools cover and a Jandy/iAqualink control setup. We have the Jandy-CoverPools module set up so that we can have automatic disabling of features that would floor the cover when it's closed... We now have a shutoff via a...
  19. A

    Jandy jxi400 high flue temp

    Hello, My heater is not working. I've replaced the flue temp sensorm I saw another recent thread about this, and I was hoping to get more insight into what to do now. I have noticed there is water on the floor of the heater and on the concrete pad surrounding it. Does this mean I need a new...
  20. D

    Fuse burst on Jandy Aqualink automation

    Met some problems with my Jandy automation. I have Pool and SPA. ISSUES: No lights at indoor panel. No any response when I switched to auto side on outdoor panel. (Pumps can work when I switch to manual) STEP 1: I checked and found fuse burst. Changed new fuse and burst again. STEP 2: I...
  21. W

    Rookie Pool Owner in NJ

    Hey y'all - second summer with my pool, was finally getting into the swing of things, had to have a pretty decent amount of cement work done a couple of months ago and a lot of the dust got into the pool... In retrospect I should have put the filter on waste but had it just set to filter...
  22. A

    iAquaLink 3.0 + Superflo VST

    Has anyone successfully gotten the iAquaLink 3.0 Controller to read and change the pump speed of a Pentair Superflo VST pump?
  23. pool light.jpg

    pool light.jpg

    Inground pool light
  24. T

    IAquaLink 2.0

    This was just installed 6 months ago and has been working 100. A week ago I got a new saltcell since then nothing. I reset the IAquaLink, reconnected it to my WI-FI, logged into my security, verified it was connected and online! went to the computer logged in to the IAquaLink site and it has a...
  25. M

    Heater Bypass vs Versaflo for Jandy JXi 400

    Is there any concern going with a heater bypass (Jandy Diverter, Check Valve, Actuator) vs the Versaflo system? I've read a few conflicting threads and was hoping to consolidate the answer into this thread for future readers. Heater Bypass - Further Reading here. From the following thread, it...
  26. J

    My jandy plc1400 terminal corroded

    Hi. have you seen this. I got a 123 error code on my jandy salt system. I pulled the wire off my jandy Plc1400 chlorine generator. The middle of the connector was melted and the middle terminal on the plc1400 looked corroded or melted. See pics. Just the middle one. At this point I’ve replaced...
  27. U

    Can't calibrate jandy aquapure

    Hi there. I have a Jandy Aquapure system with a 1400 cell. Recently, my sensor start reading erratic values. I tested water manually with a TSD tester and salt test strips and read a level of 3.1. The jandy said 4.2 so i did the calibration procedure(held salinity button for 15 seconds) and...
  28. R

    Another Jandy upgrade question

    Hi All - New to the forum, but I'm already learning a lot. Sorry to post yet another jandy i-aqualink question, but they make it so difficult! We are first time pool owners. We purchased the house last November with a in-ground pool controlled by the jandy aqualink system with PDA. I'm...
  29. S

    Jandy Pro series salt system buttons

    I have a Jandy salt system and the up and down arrow buttons work, but the power, back, and select buttons do not. Any suggestions?
  30. J

    replace jandy relay

    I recently upgraded my 20+ Jandy JI8000 to an Aqualink RS. That went great. This year one of the relays stopped working for my main pump. I have it working with my spa relay, but I will be changing the relay. When I upgraded the Jandy unit, I did not change the relays. They are a different...