1. B

    Jandy Backorder Rumors

    What is everyone hearing for dates of Jandy backorders? Personally I need a JXI manifold, booster pump impeller, and backwash. I was able to get my backwash working with JB Weld epoxy, but haven't been able to fix the others enough.
  2. Exlonghorn

    Jandi LXi 400K CHK IGN FAULT (Ignition lockout - three flashes on Fenwal)

    Here's the sequence: With Pump and Heater on... Blower turns on Pre-purge completes Hot surface igniter glows (visually confirmed) Gas valve clicks (but didn't measure with meter) Trial for ignition Burners ignite (can see them and feel the heat blowing out the top vents) After about 5-7...
  3. S

    How to control Jandy Tru Clear chlorine generator with a Jandy 1.65 hp VS pump and JEP-R

    I recently upgraded to a Jandy 1.65 VS pump with JEP-R controller. I was controlling the pump and chlorine generator with an external timer, but now I'm controlling the pump on-off times with the controller. I cannot figure out how to control the chlorine generator with the JEP-R controller...
  4. wuthrirc

    When will Jandy pool filters and pumps be available following Winter Storm?

    We lost our Jandy CV460 cartridge filter and the strainer pot on our Jandy Stealth 2.0 hp pump. Pool services around Wichita Falls, TX have been very responsive and willing to work. However, all 3 I have dealt with so far say the same thing...We don't know when we will be able to get any of...
  5. M

    Pentair vs Hayward vs Jandy

    I am planning for future warmer days as Nashville is currently in the middle of a cold snap, as is much of the country. Our home has a ~30k gallon, salt water, liner pool with no water features. It has a non working gas heater that I want to replace and while I'm at it, I might as well update...
  6. M

    iAqualink 2.0 & Jandy VS pump setup to use different speeds at different time etc...

    Hello All, Hope you can help with this one. Trying to help my neighbor setup his iAqualink 2.0 with his Jandy VS Pump and heat pump. I'm having a hard time in the Aqualink programming trying to figure out the following: Pool pump will from from 8am-5pm everyday I want the pump to filter from...
  7. C

    Jandy watercolor 12V light problem

    I have a Jandy watercolors 12v light that has recently failed. It's just out of warranty and Jandy was *less than helpful*. It PCB in it looks like this: http://mypcbcircuitboard.com/2020/06/25/jandy-r0739500-12v-light-engine-printed-circuit-board-for-jandy-pool-lighting/ I've taken it to a...
  8. Areobee

    Jandy swg stuck on standby

    I have a Jandy pro series true clear swg. I noticed tonight it was Stuck on standby and none of the buttons do anything. Held power for over 6 seconds. Disconnected power to reset .. salt level is around 3400.. temp is about 79. System is about 2.5 years old. Thought maybe it needed cleaning...
  9. Jess_0991

    How To change Jandy pool light so each light is a different color?

    We have 3 Pool Lights and use a Jandy Aqua Link remote. I notice when we use the Control box, all of the lights can be different colors, though it doesn't let you pick which colors. When you use the AquaLink remote Every Light will be the same color. Is it possible to use the Remote to set each...
  10. J

    CVA-24 actuator stuck / clicking

    When I flip my pool to spa mode, the return valve actuator tries to turn but gets hung up in a number of places and starts clicking loudly...I can force it (gently) the rest of the way around with a little manual pressure, and once in spa mode the same things happens going the other way when I...
  11. CircaSurvivalist

    Jandy iQpump01

    Thinking about buying a Jandy iQPump01 to replace my JEP-R controller for my Jandy VSF 1.65hp pump to give me control of my pump from my phone. Anyone have any input on this WiFi controller, pros/cons, before I make the purchase...
  12. S

    Jandy LXi heater - get initial ignition, comes up to temperature, but won't re-light to maintain temp.

    Hey folks! Hoping to get some clues as to what's up with an older Jandy LXi heater that's not working consistently. Been in my house for about 5 years - pool and equipment came with the house, and was clearly a few years old at that point. Heater outdoors, but in a covered area so it's not...
  13. L

    Jandy LXi 400n Fault Check IGN Control

    Hi, I've seen a few threads on this before, but mine issue seems to be a mixed bag. I'll cover off all the issues I've had to date, and hopefully someone can help. I inherited this pool heater when we bought the house in 2014, and I don't know how long it was used with the existing pool. Issue...
  14. D

    Solar heating speed Jandy aqualink rs

    I am trying to figure out if it is possible to program the aqualink rs to run the variable speed pump at a certain speed when the solar jva is automatically turned on by the aqualink. For example, I run my variable speed pump from 5am to 5pm at 1600 speed. When the outdoor temperature is hot...
  15. L

    Jandy pool heater LRZ “Check IGN control” fault

    My pool heater turns on, cycles through about 3 times and then turns off and shows “check IGN control” prompt. We had this last year and replaced the entire ignition box. It lasted the rest of the season (IL). This year I replaced the flame sensor rod as I was seeing the glow of flames and...
  16. D

    Water leaks past my Jandy diverter valve

    Some background, I have been attempting to isolate an in-ground pool leak. I have ordered an air/water pressure test kit, waiting for its arrival. I have determined with the bucket test that I have a leak and a dye test that has shown one of the skimmers is pulling dye. But, I believe I have...
  17. S

    Hayward Pump Jandy Valve

    Hello guys, I am a newbie to the pool world. I have a hayward pump and the Jandy Valve seems to be pointing backwards (comparing to all the educational videos I have seen on youtube). Is this normal or should be fixed? should the handle of the valve be pointing towards the pump?
  18. K

    Jandy laminar jets not shooting as far

    I have adjusted everything I can find but still can’t get the jets to shoot as far as last season. Cleaned the filters already.
  19. C

    All new above ground plumbing.

    I am doing all new above ground plumbing and equipment. I have a few questions: 1. Should I put a check valve on all lines both suction and discharge or should I put a check valve only on my spa return and before my SWG? 2. Do you recommend any valves other than Jandy? Is there a great brand...
  20. G

    Lighting alternative - Jandy CPHVLEDS100 watercolors died

    Our pool runs on an Aqualink RS controller which is programmed for the Jandy CPHVLEDS100 Watercolors light. We don’t have to have the color, and $800 seems excessive for a light that dies as frequently as the reviews seem to indicate. What would you guys recommend as an alternative? I am...
  21. Z

    Need Some Pool Plumbing Help/Advice

    Hello Everyone, I need some assistance with my pool plumbing. The original installer of this pool placed the filter way too close to the fence, it's literally up against it and it's very difficult for me to do any maintenance. I want to remove and reposition my Jandy valve so that it faces...
  22. Jandy AquaPure Model Configuration

    Jandy AquaPure Model Configuration

    A jumper is cut for the PURE700 cell and connected for the PURE1400 cell.
  23. awpoll

    pool equipment list

    I have received my pool equipment list and I want feedback from you all. In reading on this forum it seems that a variable speed pump on the pool is the best pump. My PB called and told me that Jandy has been having issues with the VS Pumps which is why he recommended the Jandy FloPro 2.0...
  24. U

    Jandy Automation DIY

    Hi Everyone -- I'm in the process of getting an in-ground gunite pool installed. My PB is planning on installing all Jandy equipment but I didn't include the iAqualink system. I'm trying to save as much as I can along the way, and I couldn't justify the $3,800 bill associated with the...
  25. I

    iAqualink 2.0 and Ubiquiti

    Been poking around the forums for a minute reading about everyone else's issues with the iAqualink IQ20 and thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. Our pool recently finished construction about 3 weeks ago. When our contractor got the controller up and running, he wanted to get the iAqualink on my...
  26. daddydolge


    Hi everyone! I think I screwed up and will try to make the back story as short as possible. I have an AquaLink RSA panel with 2 Jandy JVA2440's to control between the pool and spa. One of the Jandy's were acting up so I took it off and put the handle on the valve so I could manually switch it...
  27. H

    Jandy LRZ pool heater not working

    Hi, I have a 4 year old jandy lrz heater that's been acting up. The heater had started to turn the cover around the exhaust black and at the same time said fuse link fault. I opened the exhaust vacuumed it out and then used compressed air just to be safe. After that I replaced the fuse link but...
  28. J

    Heat issue

    Hi, I have a Jandy LXI 300 pool heater for my inground pool. I received fuselink fault error, so i replace the two fuselinks, while i was at it i replaced the surface ignitor. Turned on the heater, it ran, heater kicked on and all seemed well. Until about 20 minutes went by and it shut down with...
  29. D

    Jandy Controllers and Equipment - DIY

    My new pool includes a Jandy PDA controller and a Jandy variable speed pump. From what I can see Jandy is decent manufacturer, however they do not sell to the public only "pool" contractors. My concern is I want to add a solar heating system and I paid for the upgraded PDA controller and pump...
  30. T

    Jandy fusionsoft cell connection melted

    So this happened. Not really sure where to begin troubleshooting. Maybe start with replacing the power cord?