1. J

    My jandy plc1400 terminal corroded

    Hi. have you seen this. I got a 123 error code on my jandy salt system. I pulled the wire off my jandy Plc1400 chlorine generator. The middle of the connector was melted and the middle terminal on the plc1400 looked corroded or melted. See pics. Just the middle one. At this point I’ve replaced...
  2. U

    Can't calibrate jandy aquapure

    Hi there. I have a Jandy Aquapure system with a 1400 cell. Recently, my sensor start reading erratic values. I tested water manually with a TSD tester and salt test strips and read a level of 3.1. The jandy said 4.2 so i did the calibration procedure(held salinity button for 15 seconds) and...
  3. R

    Another Jandy upgrade question

    Hi All - New to the forum, but I'm already learning a lot. Sorry to post yet another jandy i-aqualink question, but they make it so difficult! We are first time pool owners. We purchased the house last November with a in-ground pool controlled by the jandy aqualink system with PDA. I'm...
  4. S

    Jandy Pro series salt system buttons

    I have a Jandy salt system and the up and down arrow buttons work, but the power, back, and select buttons do not. Any suggestions?
  5. J

    replace jandy relay

    I recently upgraded my 20+ Jandy JI8000 to an Aqualink RS. That went great. This year one of the relays stopped working for my main pump. I have it working with my spa relay, but I will be changing the relay. When I upgraded the Jandy unit, I did not change the relays. They are a different...
  6. N

    Selling Pool heater Jandy JXI400P

    I used this for about 3 months before getting a heat pump.I'm in the DFW area. The heater is in brand new condition and still under warranty. It is 400K BTU for propane gas.I'm asking $2k for it. It retails for over $4k Please call or text me if interested 214-675-8244 Thank you,
  7. X

    Re-plumbing Recommendation - 3 returns with automation

    guys i have 3 leaking old style Jandy 3 port valves - please suggest how to re-plumb 3 new returns from SWG - I currently have SPA Return, Pool Return and Pool Drain Return as well : Didn't realize i had Pool Drain Return until recently. I want to buy 3 new NeverLube valves and replace the old...
  8. Z

    Jandy Valve, which direction pool heater diverter on return side

    So the Jandy valves use positive pressure, as in the water pressure pushes the flapper inside into the opening and helps with the seal. Did the install yesterday and then realized I have them both pointing with water flow into the heater, so I was like I have to turn it around when I have a...
  9. F

    Jandy JXI & PDA issue

    Recently had a “ Fault - High Flue” error on my Jandy JXI , bought a new Flue sensor and installed it. Error wouldn’t clear so i cleared it out by holding pool, menu, spa button for 7 seconds, go to load defaults , finished , error cleared. Manually verify heater starts up no errors and runs for...
  10. C

    Noisy Pump

    My pump (Jandy 2.7HP Variable Speed Model# VSSHP270AUT) has started making a cracking noise. The noise is coming from the motor side and NOT the pump side. So it can't be the impeller. Please click on the following link with audio/video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VhY4bohJRmcCWNCy5 What do you...
  11. Kevinrunner

    High limit error - Jandy LXI 400n

    2008-ish model. The High Limit Switchs are bad and had corrupted the Controller Power Interface PCB and possibly the Ignition Control. I can find "Teledyne Laars Jandy Parts" on Parts4heating but major concern is the are aftermarket parts and not "Genuine Jandy". To spend $1000 dollars for...
  12. TheBiin

    A house divided: SWCG vs ozone+uv+Mineral sterilizer

    I found this forum too late and my pool was installed last week. First time pool owner in Indiana, we installed an imagine 10x26 fiberglass pool 5ft deep (~10,000 gallons) and automatic pool cover (under track). The decking will be techo block. The PB put in a Jandy 1.85 hp vs pump, cs 200...
  13. P

    Question about pump(s), news build.

    I was looking over my pool quote and the equipment install. The quote says •Jandy 2.5HP Variable speed pump •Jandy 1HP Booster pump It's a 33x14 pool with a 7x8 standalone spa. But all I see is a 2.7hp vsp pump. Please look attached photo and tell me what you see.
  14. R

    4pin RS-485 for Jandy JEP-R controller

    TFP family. I have a Jandy 1.65hp VSP and also have the JEP-P Controller for the pump. Per the installation. Indicates I need a RS-485 wire to connect the controller to the Pump. I do not have that wire. Been looking online and seem like there is a ton of wires ranging from 2 to 9 pins that are...
  15. M

    Jandy Heater - Check IGN Steps @ 82-85 degrees

    New pool / heater (Jandy JXI400P), running on propane. Ran fine the first night. Subsequent nights it would cut out with CHECK FLOW. I backwashed and that seemed to go away. However, now the heater consistently cuts out around 82-85 degrees with a CHECK IGN STEPS error. It will run up from...
  16. S

    Iqaualink upgrade rs6 or rs8?

    Hello I have just moved into a new house and wanted some help. I would like to upgrade to iaqualink 2.0. I currently have the blue pda I think if I have a rs6 I can just change the antenna part to a iq900 and should be ok. Can someone confirm? Also how do I tell if I have a rs4 or rs6 or...
  17. B

    Jandy 4718/4719 3” Valves

    Has anyone used the large size Jandy diverter valves (4718/4719). I don’t see them mentioned anywhere. I have 3” piping and two 3hp pumps for my infinity edge and need new shutoff valves. One pump has an old Praher gate valve that leaks due to an old cracked gasket and the other has PVC ball...
  18. J

    jandy laminars

    hello can somebody post pictures of the jandy laminar and how they lighting ? i have mine 2 jandy laminars but they are not full lighting. thanks
  19. P

    Pentair vs Jandy Components: Price difference?

    We are in the middle of construction, and we need to change from Pentair Components, to Jandy components due to supply issues. Out PB explained the Jandy components below are more expensive than the Pentair components, but he would cut us a break and do an even exchange. I always understood...
  20. I

    Is Jandy TruClear just a poor choice? Change to CircuPool?

    New forum member here. Installed my Jandy TruClear system in July of 2020, and it's having multiple failures already. The cell is leaking, and Jandy/Fluidra almost seemed happy to inform me that I have NO warranty since I installed it myself. After a few angry emails, they're supposed to be...
  21. B

    Jandy Pump trouble - 10,000 ft view

    Hello all, I just was told by my pool guy that my pump was not working. It has apparently flipped the circuit breaker and will not stay on. Before I call my installer, can anyone give me some ideas about what this might mean? No, I do not have the exact specs as I am a snowbird and not there...
  22. T

    Jandy Actuator Install on Aqualink

    Afternoon, Pool guy here. I have a customer who wants to install JVA's (Jandy actuator valves). Two, no problem, however they want 3. This I don't know how to do. :unsure: Question 1) Is there a 'third' auxiliary and can it be programmed in the Aqualink RS. OR, can they be wired in parallel...
  23. P

    Jandy Nichless Hydrocool 6 Watts light JLU4C6W100

    Good afternoon, Looking for website that sell the Jandy Nichless Hydrocool 6 Watts light JLU4C6W100, my pool service company is quoting that light at $610.99. I'm wondering if that is just a fair price, just need confirmation since a fairly new owing this pool. Thanks
  24. danm13

    Jandy FloPro VSFHP165 with TruClear SWG

    I've just upgraded from a Jacuzzi pump that the previous owners had that was on it's last legs to a new Jandy VS pump with the iQPump01 controller. I opted to add an SWG as well. I was under the impression that this pump had a relay to turn on / off an additional accessory, but apparently...
  25. A

    Jandy Salt Cell - Pump Won't Reprime on Automatic Mode After Cleaning Salt Cell

    Hi, I just bought a house with a Jandy saltwater pool system, and I'm still learning the ropes. I recently cleaned the salt cell with a muriatic acid solution, as there was significant scaling. When I placed the cell back on the pump, however, the pump stopped priming on its own, i.e. when the...
  26. B

    Impeller for Discontinued Jandy Estealth

    Hello all, I have a jandy 2hp estealth pump SMPH2.0 I need the impeller repair kit in a bad way. Out of stock everywhere and hints from some sites and local resources that this part is discontinued. Do I have any options other than replace the entire pump? the kit part no is r0445305 The...
  27. T

    Jandy spa side remote - water in conduit

    My Jandy spa side remote was causing my pool equipment to turn on/off randomly, so I have a new remote on order and plan to do a DIY replacement. I found a few detailed videos on replacing these things so I’m pretty confident. Should I be concerned that there is water in the wiring conduit though?
  28. J

    Jandy IQPump01 Issues

    Hello, Brand new pool installed about 45 days ago. I turned off my pump to clean the basket and it will not turn back on. My iqpump01 interface’s “auto” light flashes and nothing happens when I push any other buttons. I’ve flipped the breaker to attempt to reset it with no luck. Any help is...
  29. S

    Jandy Diverter Valve Issue?

    Hi all, has any one had any issues with a Jandy Diverter Valve (pictured)? When I select spa mode and the valves automatically move to feed water to the spa only, we are getting a big pressure build up in the outlet of the chlorinating unit (pictured). My pool guy thinks that the valve isn't...
  30. S

    Jandy LT - hose from air flow switch

    I replaced the fan motor on my Jandy LT heater circa 2007 with the same model circa 2013. The new model does not have the hose connector for the air flow switch. On newer models where does the hose connect? I can drill and tap a place to put in a fitting but wanted to ask first.