pool heater

  1. akhil

    Pool heater leaking

    So my pool heater started leaking 5 days back and its pretty hot in Texas. Past 2-3 days I cannot find someone and people suggested it might cost $3000 to install a new heater. Everyone told me heater exchanger is broken and its very expensive. I opened the heater yesterday and its rusted from...
  2. M

    Time for a new heater?

    Hi major noob here grateful in advance for any help. Just purchased a home and seems like the previous owners never used anything. Had a local pool company come out to open up the pool but we found the heater to be rusted out and filled with a lot of leaves in the draft hood. Their advice was...
  3. W

    Hayward H200 Remote Terminal block trouble

    My heater will not fire on its own. I can jumper across the remote terminal block to get it to fire. I am wondering, since I don’t have a remote, is it a corrosion issue as it appears the terminals (2) are just looped back to each other? If I clean them up and it still doesn’t fire, can I...
  4. D

    Haywood heater clicking sound

    we bought a house with a pool and a Hayward gas heater. It is heating the water and seemed to be working correctly but about 1 hour after starting began making this clicking sound. https://streamable.com/ojbakt Is this just normal sounds or something wrong?
  5. M

    Pool/Spa Heater (cycling on and off every 45 seconds). Takes 1.5 hours to heat spa

    I am new to this site and I pay a professional pool service to take care of my pool. Our Setup PentAir Master Temp 400 - the pool was installed in Sept 2020. PentAir Water Pool and Spa Automation. Salt Water Pool. Back in Dec 2020, we set our spa (which we weren't using very often) to 101 and...
  6. M

    Trouble finding a place to install pool equipment

    Hi Guys I am really struggling here to find a place to install my pool equipment. The pool contractors are going to start digging in a few weeks and I don’t have any place to put the gas pool heater. The gas technician says it needs to be 10 feet away from any window or opening. I don’t have a...
  7. RaleighDawg

    Winter Insulating Cover

    So i we have just about made it through our first winter. My wife swims every morning. and i mean every morning. she was out there in snow storms, ice storms and temperatures in the teens. We keep the pool at 83 and she warms it up to 85 about an hour or two before going out to swim and let’s it...
  8. M

    SwimTemp Pool Heater (Raypak) Stop Working

    The pool heater that I have is the original that was put when the house was built in 2005. It recently stopped working. It won't turn on even though the power light indicator is on which means is receiving power. It says SwimTemp outside and when called the phone number on it it takes you...
  9. A

    What's the Cost to Run A Pool Heater

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how much it will cost to heat my pool for a weekend, to get a ballpark estimate. I have a gas heater (Purex Triton Minimax 250) and trying to see how much I am in for before firing it up. Here is my data: pool size = 15' x 30'. Water temp = 70, would like to have...
  10. L

    Jandy LXi 400n Fault Check IGN Control

    Hi, I've seen a few threads on this before, but mine issue seems to be a mixed bag. I'll cover off all the issues I've had to date, and hopefully someone can help. I inherited this pool heater when we bought the house in 2014, and I don't know how long it was used with the existing pool. Issue...
  11. S

    Pentair Easy Touch remote won't control the heater temperature

    Hi! We have an inground pool and spa. We have a Pentair Easy Touch system with the Easy Touch 8 circuit remote control. Here's my problem: The remote and the system won't control the Pentair heater's temperature. For example, if we set the spa temperature to 100F on our remote and turn the...
  12. C

    Indoor Pool | Pool Heater

    Hi, I have a small underground indoor pool, 14k gallons. I want to find the best energy efficient way to heat the pool. The water is always cold. Any suggestions?
  13. A

    Hayward 400FDN starts but does not heat water

    Looking for help! I have an H400FDN that is a 4 years old and has always worked perfectly. The other day we turned it on as normal to enjoy a spring pool day. The heater turned on, lit the natural gas as normal. An hour or so later, we noticed the heater was running, but wasn’t heating the...
  14. O

    MasterTemp 400 board replaced AFS LIGHT ON

    Hi, I had no lights on panel so I replaced my main board. Once power applied, I got service heater light and a AFS light. I can reset power and all lights go off until I hit pool button for 5 seconds. It doesn’t immediately turn anything on. I also have hold the off button down for awhile before...
  15. H

    Jandy LRZ pool heater not working

    Hi, I have a 4 year old jandy lrz heater that's been acting up. The heater had started to turn the cover around the exhaust black and at the same time said fuse link fault. I opened the exhaust vacuumed it out and then used compressed air just to be safe. After that I replaced the fuse link but...
  16. R

    Hayward H150 pilot won't stay lit

    Hayward H150 millivolt Pilot lights with a nice blue flame and puts out a decent voltage but won't stay lit when you release the button. I removed the wires on the valve for the safety and jumped the two terminals to bypass that system and I still have the issue. I removed the wires for the...
  17. M

    Heater problem

    We have an in-ground pool with a Max E Therm 400 heater. Last year the heater wasn't working.It turned out we needed a new control board which was replaced at a cost of $975. This year we needed a new pump and had the same company back to do the work but when three weeks went by and after...
  18. M

    Raypak RP2100 shuts off

    Hello TFP members! My Raypak RP2100 pool heater shuts off after short periods. It ignites just fine. The igniter is fairly new, I replaced it myself a few years back. I had the heater running once this season prior to now and it ran like magic for 24 hours. Nothing (such as valves etc) has been...