1. Exlonghorn

    Jandi LXi 400K CHK IGN FAULT (Ignition lockout - three flashes on Fenwal)

    Here's the sequence: With Pump and Heater on... Blower turns on Pre-purge completes Hot surface igniter glows (visually confirmed) Gas valve clicks (but didn't measure with meter) Trial for ignition Burners ignite (can see them and feel the heat blowing out the top vents) After about 5-7...
  2. S

    Jandy LXi heater - get initial ignition, comes up to temperature, but won't re-light to maintain temp.

    Hey folks! Hoping to get some clues as to what's up with an older Jandy LXi heater that's not working consistently. Been in my house for about 5 years - pool and equipment came with the house, and was clearly a few years old at that point. Heater outdoors, but in a covered area so it's not...
  3. L

    Jandy LXi 400n Fault Check IGN Control

    Hi, I've seen a few threads on this before, but mine issue seems to be a mixed bag. I'll cover off all the issues I've had to date, and hopefully someone can help. I inherited this pool heater when we bought the house in 2014, and I don't know how long it was used with the existing pool. Issue...