iAqualink dedicated touch control panel


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Feb 7, 2021
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Just completed the my first iteration of a Raspberry Pi touch control interface using the iAqualink web interface. Based on the 7 inch Raspberry Pi Touch screen and a Raspberry Pi 3 B (has built in WiFi) this stand alone unit boots to our pool control interface page directly and provides the same controls you would have on your PC or Phone. The advantage is that it can be permanently mounted and only requires the 5volt power supply. Currently lacks a suitable bezel and wall enclosure but that is yet to drawn and 3D printed.

Based on Raspberry GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) with the basic GUI interface in autologin mode and a small script to call chromium-browser with the link to our local iAqualink control page (maximized and full screen). Outside wall enclosure is 3D printed and sealed to make water proof.


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