1. T

    Jandy & Ortega Valve Dilemma, please help! *Pics included* TX DIY

    I have a cracked 3-way Jandy diverter valve that needs to be replaced. It is cracked on the bottom and leaks water when I turn the pump on. I watched a video on youtube and it looks like I just need to saw off the white pipes and attach straight connectors and another short pipe when placing a...
  2. clintwb

    Texas Dip Pool Build - DIY

    Ive been reading and learning here for over a year and I'm excited to start this build thread now that we are getting close to making this thing happen! Nothing here is set in stone yet, its just where my plans are at. I would love to be ready to dig mid next month but I also have no time table...
  3. 1-prop-head

    iAqualink dedicated touch control panel

    Just completed the my first iteration of a Raspberry Pi touch control interface using the iAqualink web interface. Based on the 7 inch Raspberry Pi Touch screen and a Raspberry Pi 3 B (has built in WiFi) this stand alone unit boots to our pool control interface page directly and provides the...
  4. MyAZPool

    Alternative Pool Automation - New Raspberry Pi "Smart" Fan

    For those “Home Brew”, DIY pool automation types that are using Raspberry Pi micro-computers in their Swimming Pool Outdoor Control Panels (OCP) or in Swimming Pool Automation Enclosures or you are planning to in the future. The following brand-new information may be of some use if Raspberry Pi...
  5. P

    New here - Corona made me do it

    After trying with multiple builders unsuccessfully here in Indiana to get a pool built before Fall of 2021, I've decided to DIY an 18x40 vinyl lined diving pool. I'll be GC and find subs for most of the work. I have quotes from Royal and Pool Warehouse so I'll probably go with one of those...
  6. D

    DIY Pump Flow Sensor (for automated control system)

    Hi, I want to detect that the pump has primed properly, so wish to put a flow sensor in the pump outlet line. I am setting my house up to be ´Smart´. I have an EV, & heaps of Solar, so want to automate the pool filtration as well, but as I might not be there, I need to ensure the pump is not...
  7. J

    My $5 Return Jet Aerator

    I've received a lot of useful help from this forum and want to give back a bit. My pool pH keeps dropping weekly and I need to raise pH without touching my already high TA so as a quick fix I've been adding Borax. I reached the 60ppm threshold and needed to start aerating. I looked at the "SPA...
  8. P

    Spa blower toggle

    I mistakenly purchased a replacement spa blower that does not have a toggle switch (and of course waited until after the return window to notice it...) My question is: is it possible to install a toggle switch or otherwise modify it to control the blower? Specs: Sunrunner SB24015 1.5 HP 240V...
  9. A

    Diy above ground tank pool

    So - Been brainstorming here. I hace narrow patios and a slopes yard. So - very tricky to get a conventional above ground pool (not ready to spend $50k on a custom on). And so, I took to Pinterest... which led me here. Anyways, water tank pools are cute, and you can frame them to be really chic...
  10. J

    How is this looking (sub panel)

    I wanted to get some of the electrical work out of the way while waiting for pool instal. How is this looking? -100amp sub panel -1” schedule 40 conduit (filled to 39.7% capacity). 20’ run. -#3 thhn for hot1, hot2, and neutral, #6 ground -Neutral and ground bus separated at sub -Box bonded to...
  11. U

    Jandy Automation DIY

    Hi Everyone -- I'm in the process of getting an in-ground gunite pool installed. My PB is planning on installing all Jandy equipment but I didn't include the iAqualink system. I'm trying to save as much as I can along the way, and I couldn't justify the $3,800 bill associated with the...
  12. P

    Looking for a cheap way to automate my pool valves for cleaner and spa

    Since moving into our new house I have been trying to automate as much pool maintenance as possible without breaking the bank. After getting some quotes around town I quickly found out that the pool automation game is tightly controlled by a few major players (Jandy, Hayward, Pentair, etc.) and...
  13. P

    DIY Cinderblock Pool with vinyl liner questions

    Hi, I'm looking to build a 30x15 pool using cinder block and vinyl liner method. I've previously built a simple 10x10x1 pond with liner and concrete blocks without any plumbing. My main motivation is to save $$$ as a inground vinyl kit is $6000 vs $1500 for the cinderblock method. Few...
  14. E

    Adapter between return outlet and DIY aerator?

    Hello all, I'm looking to build a DIY aerator like this, but how do I find the adapter to connect the plastic piping to the return outlet please? Many thanks for your time!
  15. A

    Need advice on building DIY pool fountain for Coleman pool

    We need someone handy to help us figure out the best way to build a DIY pool fountain for a Coleman Power Steel Swim Vista Series pool (the one with Windows). I have attached pics of our intakes, pool pump and returns. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!