1. MyAZPool

    Alternative Pool Automation - New Raspberry Pi "Smart" Fan

    For those “Home Brew”, DIY pool automation types that are using Raspberry Pi micro-computers in their Swimming Pool Outdoor Control Panels (OCP) or in Swimming Pool Automation Enclosures or you are planning to in the future. The following brand-new information may be of some use if Raspberry Pi...
  2. P

    New here - Corona made me do it

    After trying with multiple builders unsuccessfully here in Indiana to get a pool built before Fall of 2021, I've decided to DIY an 18x40 vinyl lined diving pool. I'll be GC and find subs for most of the work. I have quotes from Royal and Pool Warehouse so I'll probably go with one of those...
  3. D

    DIY Pump Flow Sensor (for automated control system)

    Hi, I want to detect that the pump has primed properly, so wish to put a flow sensor in the pump outlet line. I am setting my house up to be ´Smart´. I have an EV, & heaps of Solar, so want to automate the pool filtration as well, but as I might not be there, I need to ensure the pump is not...
  4. J

    My $5 Return Jet Aerator

    I've received a lot of useful help from this forum and want to give back a bit. My pool pH keeps dropping weekly and I need to raise pH without touching my already high TA so as a quick fix I've been adding Borax. I reached the 60ppm threshold and needed to start aerating. I looked at the "SPA...
  5. P

    Spa blower toggle

    I mistakenly purchased a replacement spa blower that does not have a toggle switch (and of course waited until after the return window to notice it...) My question is: is it possible to install a toggle switch or otherwise modify it to control the blower? Specs: Sunrunner SB24015 1.5 HP 240V...
  6. A

    Diy above ground tank pool

    So - Been brainstorming here. I hace narrow patios and a slopes yard. So - very tricky to get a conventional above ground pool (not ready to spend $50k on a custom on). And so, I took to Pinterest... which led me here. Anyways, water tank pools are cute, and you can frame them to be really chic...
  7. J

    How is this looking (sub panel)

    I wanted to get some of the electrical work out of the way while waiting for pool instal. How is this looking? -100amp sub panel -1” schedule 40 conduit (filled to 39.7% capacity). 20’ run. -#3 thhn for hot1, hot2, and neutral, #6 ground -Neutral and ground bus separated at sub -Box bonded to...
  8. U

    Jandy Automation DIY

    Hi Everyone -- I'm in the process of getting an in-ground gunite pool installed. My PB is planning on installing all Jandy equipment but I didn't include the iAqualink system. I'm trying to save as much as I can along the way, and I couldn't justify the $3,800 bill associated with the...
  9. P

    Looking for a cheap way to automate my pool valves for cleaner and spa

    Since moving into our new house I have been trying to automate as much pool maintenance as possible without breaking the bank. After getting some quotes around town I quickly found out that the pool automation game is tightly controlled by a few major players (Jandy, Hayward, Pentair, etc.) and...
  10. P

    DIY Cinderblock Pool with vinyl liner questions

    Hi, I'm looking to build a 30x15 pool using cinder block and vinyl liner method. I've previously built a simple 10x10x1 pond with liner and concrete blocks without any plumbing. My main motivation is to save $$$ as a inground vinyl kit is $6000 vs $1500 for the cinderblock method. Few...
  11. E

    Adapter between return outlet and DIY aerator?

    Hello all, I'm looking to build a DIY aerator like this, but how do I find the adapter to connect the plastic piping to the return outlet please? Many thanks for your time!
  12. A

    Need advice on building DIY pool fountain for Coleman pool

    We need someone handy to help us figure out the best way to build a DIY pool fountain for a Coleman Power Steel Swim Vista Series pool (the one with Windows). I have attached pics of our intakes, pool pump and returns. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!