Hayward Ecostar SP3400VSP Won't Start | No Humming | Displays Shows as Running!


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Jun 8, 2021
Owings Mills, MD
Hey guys, opened the pool, hooked up the pump as usual. The displays turns on and shows the pump running, can stop it, pause it, change speeds...BUT nothing happens with the motor, it just doesn't run at all. I have seen that a lot of people have "humming but won't start" issue, but here its just plain dead. Again, display is working perfectly fine, checked the voltage on both lines, all good, impeller is moving freely. Any ideas what this kind of symptoms might mean?

Unfortunately, I had to purchase a new pump at an insanely inflated price and was even lucky to find in in stock locally and settle for a 1.85 HP Tristar (vs the 2.7 HP old Ecostar), but am now trying to see if this is repairable and if it is worth it. Any suggestions on how to properly diagnose the root cause greatly appreciated!
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