1. Cwiggs

    Help Installing SWG!

    Hello TFP! Long story short I was planning on installing the Circupool RJ60+, but the Hayward AquaRite W3AQR15 went on sale for ~$900 so I decided to buy the Hayward. Now I'm looking for the help/suggestions/tips on installing it. Questions: 1. Right now I have an old intermatic timer that is...
  2. L

    2-speed pump only runs on low speed

    We have a brandnew Hayward Powerflo Matrix 2 speed pump installed April 2020 by a professional electrician. Everything was working fine until yesterday when I noticed that the pump won’t work on High Speed. But it works on Low Speed. I’ve checked the pump basket and nothing is blocking it. No...
  3. S

    Pool plans in hand - finally

    Hello all: We've been planning and interviewing builders in the Atlanta, GA metro since early spring. We've decided on our PB and have the 3D rendering in hand. We just want to make sure we're doing this right. The price is higher than we first thought. We're told it's because there is a...
  4. M

    Hayward H-Series H300FDP "IF" and "SF" codes

    I have a 4 year old H300FDP and recently ran into a SF error. I replaced the "Hayward FDXLTER1930 FD Thermistor" which cleared the SF code. When I turned the unit back on the symptoms are: Starts and fires for approx 3 seconds, then shuts off. It cycles through and does this 2 more times...
  5. X

    Hayward sp32900vsp

    I just built a brand new in ground pool for the family. Finally filled it with water today and I can't get the pump to turn on. Nothing happens. I have it setup to a hayward aquaplus, using a 240v siemens qt 15amp breaker. I have even tried just connecting it directly to the breaker instead of...
  6. J

    Hayward Prologic "Communication Error"

    My Prologic has started to periodically turn off, but the main display reads "Communication Error". The transformer was running really hot, so I tested the Ohms and it was slightly out of spec 2.9 and 3.3. As result I replaced the transformer. The problem is persisting even with the new...
  7. Sharelick

    Proper vacuuming and cartridge filter cleaning

    So I have a ton of Crud in the deep end of my pool that I'm trying to get out, because the pool hasn't been opened in the 3 years since I bought the home, and the previous owner was neglectful before that. So I've read a thread that basically says I should try to scoop it out with my leaf net...
  8. C

    Leaking Hayward Sand Filter - Pump Running with MPV “Closed”

    I noticed a slow drip coming from a (union?) valve of my filter (I believe it’s the return port). Please see the red circled area in the pic. I’m also attaching a pic of the Filter - I believe it’s a Hayward s200. Should I attempt to tighten this nut? Just leave it alone? Replace it? It slowly...
  9. P

    Help replacing Hayward LED pool lights?

    Hi my pool is about 5 years old. When it was built, the installer put in low-voltage Hayward LED pool lights. They started flickering about two years ago and stopped working completely about a year ago and I'm having trouble figuring out how to replace them. The lights say they are Hayward model...
  10. F

    Problem with Hayward Cartridge filter drain plug

    Hello! How can I fix my drain plug on my hayward cartridge model c 3000 pool pump? The drain plug was leaking a little bit and i put teflon tape to help however it still didnt fix it 100% . Pressure is still coming out and the PSI is a little bit above 10. I never had this problem before so...
  11. L

    Hayward DE4820 Filter very low pressure reading & VariFlo Multiport Valve water leak

    Hi, we installed brand new Hayward Pump, DE Filter, Multiport valve, 2 inch PVC pipes to replace our very old Waterway pump and PAC FAB DE filter. While this is our 4th season as pool owners, I would still consider ourselves newbies because this is our first year of doing everything by...
  12. rodaniel

    Hayward Main Drain Grate Replacement

    The drain cover/grate on my in-ground pool crumbled apart and I'm struggling with finding a replacement. The markings are fairly clear and reads "SP1048-C." The grate measures 6'5" and has 2 screw holes. It sits flush with the bottom of the pool. Since everything else was originally Hayward, it...
  13. A

    Third Sand filter replacement in 6 years

    I have a Hayward S220T sand filter that has a leak on one side at the seam. Same failure location as the 2 previous tanks. Something must be wrong so I am coming to the experts for help. Here are my specs In ground fiberglass pool - size approx 25x11x4 - see photo. Not sure of volume Hayward...
  14. PoolOG416

    Hayward New AquaVac 650

    I just recently purchased this cleaner from Marina Pool Spa & Patio in Colorado. I thought I would leave my findings and reviews on this thread because I checked reviews and they weren't great, but were from 2019. I wanted something cool and modern with no filter bag, so I thought I would give...
  15. J

    High Pressure Hayward S244 Filter.... New to this pool.

    Hello, Any help would be awesome. We curenlty opened our pool (First time for us just moved in) and the water is perfect and clear. Talking to the neighbor it seems my filter is running super high pressure. When running it is steady at 45Lbs. When its not running it stays at 25lbs. Not sure...
  16. S

    Hayward H250FDN heater not igniting!

    Hi Guys, I opened my pool for this season last week. Today, I tried to turn the heater on to get ready for the weekend but guess what, the heater did not turn on. I am getting an 'IF' error code on the panel. When I try to turn it on, I hear clicking sounds but I don't feel it is burning the...
  17. S

    Hayward Pump Jandy Valve

    Hello guys, I am a newbie to the pool world. I have a hayward pump and the Jandy Valve seems to be pointing backwards (comparing to all the educational videos I have seen on youtube). Is this normal or should be fixed? should the handle of the valve be pointing towards the pump?
  18. F

    Hayward H-200 Millivolt Running Erratically

    I was having trouble getting my heater going when I opened the pool for the season a few weeks ago. It was my first time opening the pool. A friend was able to help, so I’m confident I was following the right steps. I’ve owned the pool less than a year and the heater worked without issue for the...
  19. S

    Hayward Acid Feeder Testing

    I replaced my Hayward AC-035 peristaltic chemical feed pump. The way it runs is the voltage relay within the Prologic system controls the power to it. If you plug it into a normal jack it runs constantly and continuously feeds acid into the pool. The problem I have is I plugged it into the...
  20. JohnA902

    Stupid Electric Heater Question

    I think I know the answer to this but hey it’s worth you guys calming me down. I have a Hayward electric heater for my pool. I opened today. Water is 55F. ICE. I turned heater on just to make sure it was working. Gave it about 20 min. Put my hand over the return jet and didnt feel any...
  21. M

    Hayward DE4820 2" ports with 1.5" plumbing OK?

    Can I use the DE4820 that has 2" openings with 1.5" plumbing? I ordered the DE filter not thinking about the plumbing size. I am currently using a 20+ year old Hayward S200. Also, what HP VS pump would work well with the DE4820? Thanks! Mario 25K gallon 16x32 IGP vinyl liner current...
  22. J

    Variable Speed Pump sizing

    Pool noob in search of the invisible water (something I read and got a kick out of). Bought a home and both pool pump motors need replacing (corroded, locked up). I have two seperate circuits. One for the in-floor cleaning system (Paramount PV3) and heater (Sta-rite Max E-therm). The other for...
  23. F

    Hayward H-200 Stalling - Just Opened

    I have a new-to-me Hayward “H series” H-200 natural gas heater (millivolt). I opened this weekend and can’t get the unit working properly. I was having trouble with the pilot light and eventually got it lit with the help of a friend. When it’s lit it is very faint. Can hardly even see the flame...
  24. D

    Hayward 400btu Heater starts and runs but not heating

    Hello, Opened pool up for the season yesterday and turned heater on today. It appears to light the blower is on and the flow is fine. It does not sound anywhere near as loud as it used to and the water returning back to the pool is at most 2゚ warmer. Any thoughts?
  25. S

    SWG & Automation

    I know this has probably been asked before but I'm looking for some more personal advice. I have a Hayward S-200 Vari-Flo pump currently set up with an in-line puck/stick chlorine feeder. I obviously have to replace the chlorine feeder and I am thinking of going ahead and converting to SW. I was...
  26. D

    Hayward Northstar Motor Humming, Won’t Start

    I own a 2005 Hayward Northstar Pump. Diffuser went bad (cracked), bought identical replacement, all ready to go... and the motor won't go back into the pump housing. We are not able to flush motor mounting plate with pump flange. Hence we can't lock Motor Lock Ring. We tried pushing motor...
  27. 18Wheeler

    Newly Installed Hayward Gas Heater (advice on opening pool with)

    Greetings all! With the recent events, and having the fam stuck here at the house nearly ALL THE TIME, we decided we'd add a gas heater the pool so we can open a bit earlier and enjoy more swim time this season (and hopefully many to come). There was a heater previously installed, but this was...
  28. A

    Hayward H400 Problems

    Hello, Ive read every post on this site and more trying to get my heater working and hopefully someone has the answer here.... so here is the events 1. heater worked flawlessly for years 2. heater stops working , continually blows f2 fuse on power board once blower motor fires up 3. replace...
  29. R

    Trying to identify Hayward Pool Heater to replace bypass

    Purchased a house February 2019 that has a pool. Pool guy that I had come out to inspect the equipment said the heater control panel was broken. I finally get around to fixing that and low and behold it's not broken! But once the heater fires up, tons of noise and significant vibration in...
  30. W

    Hayward t cell 15 issue

    My salt cell stopped working and after investigating, the port where it plugs in is burnt all the way to the motherboard. Just wondering if anyone has encountered this and on