1. D

    Hayward 4 wheel Stuck on Paramount SDX drain cover

    I have a 4 wheel Hayward and it gets stuck on my Paramount SDX drain cover. I can’t find any bumpers or clips made specifically for this cover. Other than switching out the cover does anybody have any other ideas?
  2. M

    Sand Filter leaking from Clamp

    I just got the hayward sand filter leaking from the clamp. It started recently. I also find the lever of the control valve hard to move around. Do I replace the control valve, O ring and the clamp? Or is there anything else that I am missing. I have added a video below for understanding the...
  3. W

    Backwash problem with Hayward slide valve

    I have a Hayward SP0410X502S Micro-Clear Slide Valve Assembly. I got this to replace a worn out one when I installed a Solar pool pump system about a few months ago. Now when I try to backwash the DE filter it sucks the valve back down into the normal opperation position. Heres a link of my...
  4. C

    Loud Hayward Pump Repair

    Hello Folks, my pool pump has been loud for about 2 months, not knowing much I figured it had to be replaced soon so I was trying to get through the summer. We just moved in to a house last year and I know everything in the pool is original from 2014. It's a salt water system. Last night the...
  5. K

    Hayward 350FDN IF code

    I have a Hayward 350FDN, it was working earlier this year and now gives the IF error. I had our gas company come out and bump up our supply from the meter and replaced the flame sensor. Still get the error. I can see through the sight glass the igniter turn red and flame for a short time (3-5...
  6. I

    Low salt readings on multiple brand new salt cells

    I have an Aquarite chlorine generator that's probably around 20 years old but had its board replaced within the last 5 years. My Hayward T-CELL-15 started failing after only 2.5 years. Due to the significant increase in prices and low availability on Hayward's salt cells, I decided to give the...
  7. M

    Pool pump wiring

    I am replacing A 1.5hp 220 pump. Hayward control box(timer and pump speeds). I am installing a powerextremeusa pump. It has a low, common and high connection. The controller box has 4 wires. Green ground, black and red loads and orange. My question is what goes where ? I want to control ether...
  8. X

    Communication Loss Hayward

    Equipment-Hayward 1.85 THP Variable Speed Pump OmniLogic automation All installed spring 2020 by previous owner/ builder. Under “Select device” I see: MSP. HUA 00-4c-07-f4-a6 version R3.2.0 MP 01-47-07-f3-f8 version R 3.0.0 MSP id 85587 (not sure what this means) Problem: CommLoss...
  9. B

    Hayward H400 Heater Control Issues

    Our pool was installed around 2007 and still has the original Hayward H400 heater. We had the original Jandy board recently replaced with the Zodiac iAqualink. The iAqualink system is great, and the heater does a good job at heating water, but the issue is the communication and/or relay between...
  10. jgy2001

    How to re-bury filter diffuser core assembly into sand bottom inside 19" sand-filter?

    We have 19" sand filter from XtremePowerUS at Amazon with 1.5 HP pump. We add more sand and somehow the center-core diffuser assembly was moved. The more we move this center core, the more it floats up. How can we bury this filter diffuser core assembly back into the bottom of the sand inside...
  11. appstategrad

    Hayward purchase on Amazon

    Does anyone know if Hayward honors a warranty for a new SWG (entire system) when purchased on Amazon? Their warranty page specifies "Hayward authorized seller" but didn't know if that included Amazon. I emailed them but haven't received a response. Background: I am replacing a T-9 cell, but...
  12. egiblock

    Hayward H100ID turns on but doesn't fire

    I picked up a Hayward H100ID Natural Gas heater and finally got around to hooking it up. It turns on and the exhaust fan spins, but no clicking from the ignitor or firing going on... slowly troubleshooting the connections, any recommendations on what to look at first? I've gone as far as...
  13. F

    Hayward hp21104t flashing LP error code

    The issue started this season. My Hayward hp21104t would flip the circuit breaker after running for a few hours. Now it's throwing a LP (Low Pressure) error and won't start at all. Based on my limited knowledge and research, this error is related to refrigerant but can really be thrown because...
  14. B

    Aqua Logic / Hayward GLX-PCB-MAIN: Self-Setting Itself Into Service Mode

    I have an issue that I can't find any other posts on, and I hope someone can shed some light on the fix for it. My Aqua Logic PS-8 / Hayward GLX-PCB-MAIN system is putting itself into Service Mode every 1 to 2 days. It started happening after I turned the system off and replaced the electric...
  15. A

    Hayward Ecostar SP3400VSP Won't Start | No Humming | Displays Shows as Running!

    Hey guys, opened the pool, hooked up the pump as usual. The displays turns on and shows the pump running, can stop it, pause it, change speeds...BUT nothing happens with the motor, it just doesn't run at all. I have seen that a lot of people have "humming but won't start" issue, but here its...
  16. Tinkertoy721

    I think my pump is garbage

    My husband and I bought a house that came with our pool and equipment. We have been struggling for over a month now to clear up the cloudiness with the SLAM process and Taylor k-2006 kit. We bought a new hayward cartridge but it didn't improve anything. The pump will randomly shut off at times...
  17. T

    Best tool to clean heat exchanger

    Just fired up the heater [Hayward H400ED2] for the first time this season and boy did it make a racket! Pipes were bouncing around and it sounded like an animal was stuck inside trying to get out. Poking around on the internet, it seems like it's likely the thermocouple valve. The heater is...
  18. M

    Hayward Pro logic System

    Hello, I have a customer with a hayward pro logic system with a T cell 3 on it. 2 days ago i got the notification that the salt level was very low and when i checked the system it read 600 ppm which is weird because we had no rain , fresh water wasn't added to the pool and the level last week...
  19. H

    Prologic actuators not controlled by panel

    Former owner seemed to rig this to work and it got hit by a excavator which cut a cord, the other actuator then shorted and almost melted the connectors together before blowing the fuse. Managed to get that out and replaced both actuators and the fuse. I can get them to spin working the switch...
  20. W

    Hayward H200 Remote Terminal block trouble

    My heater will not fire on its own. I can jumper across the remote terminal block to get it to fire. I am wondering, since I don’t have a remote, is it a corrosion issue as it appears the terminals (2) are just looped back to each other? If I clean them up and it still doesn’t fire, can I...
  21. T

    Ideal Schedule for New Pool

    Hello, My inground chlorine pool was just built (8000 gallons) and I have a Hayward vs 900 Omni pump with 2” piping. what is the best schedule for my pump? The company set it up at 3300rpm for 4 hours, 3000 for 4 and 2500 for 4. Seems really high. I was thinking 3000 rpm for few hours in...
  22. D

    Haywood heater clicking sound

    we bought a house with a pool and a Hayward gas heater. It is heating the water and seemed to be working correctly but about 1 hour after starting began making this clicking sound. https://streamable.com/ojbakt Is this just normal sounds or something wrong?
  23. Bafrye

    Slight drip

    Hi all, just opened our pool and noticed there’s a slight drip from the top of my filter. I didn’t notice it until about 2-3 days of the filter running. It appears to be coming from the one bolt. I did make sure it’s tight. First year opening the pool myself, pool company cleaned the filter when...
  24. L

    Internal bypass valve Hayward H250

    Hello Everyone, Just discovered this site after converting to a SWG. Had the pool installed 14 years ago and had a real good run as far as everything holding up. Only issues were a Pump motor, 3 sets of pump seals and a heater digital control membrane (all of which I was able to DIY). Got 14...
  25. PointeTaken

    Brand new salt cell reading 600 ppm below Taylor test...should I care?

    I replaced my cell a couple of weeks ago with a brand new one. Right after I installed it, the K-1766 test (also a brand new replacement) indicated 2200 ppm, which was identical to the reading I was getting from the SWG. I shut it off, added 100 lbs. of salt, and 24 hours after turning my SWG...
  26. M

    Hayward Maxflo 500 or Tristar VS 900

    Hey guys Pool construction is about to begin and I want any opinions on whether it makes sense to upgrade my pump. Pool size is 9000 gallons No water features 12 by 27 rectangle which pump is better and why looking for any help or suggestions as a new soon to be pool owner. Thanks all
  27. PointeTaken

    I’m tired of replacing my pressure gauge

    For the third consecutive year, I find myself having to replace my filter pressure gauge. I’ve tried both OEM and replacement brands. Based on the review section of virtually every product I’ve looked at online, I’m not the only one. So...is there anything I can do to mitigate this, or is there...
  28. M

    Hayward Aquarite SWG Blowing 2.5amp fuse

    I have an old (2004-ish) Hayward Aquarite T-Cell 15. Over the years I have replaced the boards, cells, displays, etc. My current challenge is a blown fuse.....not the 20amp fuse on the board, but the 2.5amp fuse on the mounted on the bottom of the control box (see photo with cap removed). I...
  29. M

    Pentair vs Hayward vs Jandy

    I am planning for future warmer days as Nashville is currently in the middle of a cold snap, as is much of the country. Our home has a ~30k gallon, salt water, liner pool with no water features. It has a non working gas heater that I want to replace and while I'm at it, I might as well update...
  30. Sir Gilles 2363

    Hi, my name is Gilles. I fluently speak and write in both official languages. You can tell I am from Canada. Salutations à tous !

    Hello, I got a 15' foot above ground pool. Most of the equipment is Hayward brand. My experience with pool installers here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was not the best. I had to re-do my pool twice in less than 6 years. The outer metal rusted and a hole in the lining occured. Knowing what I know...