1. C

    Hayward How to Delete MSP from Dashboard to enable Alexa Connectivity

    Hey all. This is regarding the Hayward OmniHub System as it connects to Alexa. I had an old OmniHub that became defective within the warranty period. So a Hayward rep came and replaced the part with a new MSP. However, the old MSP site still shows up in my dashboard as "inactive" alongside the...
  2. Joe Garcia

    Jacuzzi JVS 185S Above Ground Pool Pump...Simply Awesome from A-Z!

    My 10 year old single speed pool pump recently started to go south and I knew it was time for a change to a variable speed pump to save some money on my energy bill. Before my pump totally died I thought I should do some research on the main brands like Hayward and Pentair. I went to my local...
  3. K

    OmniLogic app won’t change pool temp

    Hi, I’m having an issue with my Hayward heater not being controlled by the OmniLogic app. I can turn on pump, lights, even turn on and off heater via app but if I change temp it doesn’t change. I have to go out to the actually heater and move it up or down. A few weeks ago we opened our pool...
  4. I

    no heat

    inground, hayward prologic with salt system and hayward gas heater. water, gas and elec are fine. not calling for heat. any ideas?
  5. P

    Hayward GLX-PCB-MAIN - Low Salt - Low Current

    I have a GLX-PCB-MAIN which is now not putting out the full 6-7 Amp needed to drive the T-15 Cell. I have verified the Cell - it works correctly. The Board will start with 25V range - reporting 3400 PPM then quickly drop to 1900 PPM while reporting 25.5V at 4 Amp. It did start with 6 Amp...
  6. M

    Hayward Automation Question - How to interlock and schedule my heater/salt chlorinator

    I have a Hayward OmniLogic with a Hayward VS Pump and salt chlorinator with a sense and dispense. The system is in a configuration with a shared heater/filter for a pool/spa with a spillover. I have found through my own trial and error that heating the pool while in spillover is REALLY...
  7. M

    Hayward Jiffy Niche

    Does anyone know if any other mfg light will fit into a hayward jiffy niche. i have gone though 4 lights now in 8 years and at a cost of 1500 per unit this is wrong. I cannot remove the front cover on the jiffy niche as that is what holds it tight to the fibreglass wall with the back back nut...
  8. S

    Water force from outlet jet reducing several hours after backwashing.

    Hey everyone, I have an above ground salt water pool system in place (Hayward). After opening up for the season have realized that after backwashing and rinsing the filter (S180T) that the outlet jet water force reduces after several hours of running and the pressure gauge on the filter starts...
  9. C

    Thoughts on replacing a Hayward ColorLogic 4.0 LED light

    Hello people of the interwebs! I have a Hayward ColorLogic 4.0 LED light that was installed way back in 2012 when we built our pool. It is beginning to die - it turns on, but doesn't change colours, and often turns off (or goes very dim) after just a few minutes. No breakers trip or anything...
  10. D

    New Hayward Variable Pump

    Hello and happy almost summer (although it doesn't feel like it here on Long Island): After ten years, my Hayward MaxFlo variable speed pump (SP2300VSP) died. I ordered the new version of the Hayward MaxFlo variable speed pump (W3SP2303VSP), pulled it out of the box and realized it had no...
  11. madchen

    Hi all. Housesitter here. Interlock problem.

    The pool opened (became ready to use) the day the owners left, so I don't think they could answer this question. I'm trying to clean the pool. I went to features > pool cleaner > pool and then got the interlocked screen (ss2). On/off is not actionable. Figured out how to go past this screen to...
  12. A

    Choosing a builder, SW vs. Mineral, Jandy vs. Hayward

    I just bought a new place and want to put in a pool. It will be about 570 square feet (swim lane, hang out area and spa). My last pool was salt and used jandy equiptment. Questions: I'm looking at a mineral system. What do y'all think? Also, the builder I'm considering proposes Hayward. He...
  13. C

    OmniLogic App Problems

    Hello everyone! I control my Hayward Heater with the OmniLogic App. Now when I have the spa pump on and turn on the spa heater, the app actually tries to turn on the pool heater. The light by the pool icon comes on. If I manually toggle it to spa mode it will turn on, but I cannot change the...
  14. regardleslie

    Panel not communicating to equipment except in service mode

    Hello. I have Hayward Omnilogic with two VSP motors, a chiller, a heater, lights and a water feature. On Sunday morning the system had turned itself on running the filter at 76% and two of the regular schedules turned off. Every time I turned it off and the schedule back on within seconds it...
  15. R

    I am needing info on the Hayward AquaVac 250li.

    Having discovered that Paxcess has some shady practices, I'm now looking at the Hayward 250li. I want cordless. Anyone here have one? Pros? Cons?
  16. S

    OmniHub/App and AquaRite Diagnostics

    I connected my Aquarite to my OmniHub the other day via the daughter board just like in this thread. The OmniHub is communicating with the AquaRite to produce chlorine. I tested it over night and the chlorine level increased as expected per a FAS/DPD test. Also, the scheduling seems to work...
  17. Bearded Vet

    New Leisure Ultimate 35

    I just got everything finished on my new inground pool and need some guidance. Do I need to put shock since it has a salt cell? How much muriatic acid to bring my PH and Alkalinity down? It is currently at 8 and 123, respectively. Leslies said their system will not give a dosage for the...
  18. T

    Pump PVC Fittings

    Hi I have a Hayward RS1500 pump and was redoing some piping. The outlet at top has inside and outside threads, does anyone know what size fittings those are? The previous setup looks likes a 2 inch internal coupling, but taking it down to the big box store the male part seemed a little loose, so...
  19. J

    New Build Southern CA

    Hello. Dig day! What do you all think of adding an additional light to the deep end? Builder wants another $1600. Will add details on the build when I get more time.
  20. X

    Hayward OmniLogic light issues after FW update [Solution]

    Hi All, Just posting this for anyone else who may run into it. I have a Hayward Omnilogic system with UCL lights. After updating my firmware to 4.x my lights started behaving very strangely. They would flicker off and on sometimes, or would transition colors suddenly instead of gradually...
  21. J

    Hayward H150 Spa Heater LO Code

    Hi all, Novice repair person here. My Hayward spa heater (installed 2018) is not heating the water and is displaying this LO code. I have read every troubleshooting guide and watched every video I could find. My diagnostics included: 1. Cleaned the filters, even ran the pump without the...
  22. S

    Hayward omni logic Heater Set point sensitivity

    We have noticed that our Hayward heater in Spa mode with Set point to 98 degrees will drop down to 95-94 degrees (as reported by Omni logic) before kicking back on. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity so that it will turn back on? In some instances we find ourselves manually toggling the...
  23. U

    Hayward PowerFlo Matrix Pump Humming

    Hello, I have a Hayward PowerFlo Matrix Pump (1.5HP, 115V) that is only a few months old. The other day when I went to turn it on, it only made a humming sound and was not working (it was only off for about two days. I usually run it for 8 hours a day). After a few seconds, it shut off. I...
  24. D

    Hayward 4 wheel Stuck on Paramount SDX drain cover

    I have a 4 wheel Hayward and it gets stuck on my Paramount SDX drain cover. I can’t find any bumpers or clips made specifically for this cover. Other than switching out the cover does anybody have any other ideas?
  25. M

    Sand Filter leaking from Clamp

    I just got the hayward sand filter leaking from the clamp. It started recently. I also find the lever of the control valve hard to move around. Do I replace the control valve, O ring and the clamp? Or is there anything else that I am missing. I have added a video below for understanding the...
  26. W

    Backwash problem with Hayward slide valve

    I have a Hayward SP0410X502S Micro-Clear Slide Valve Assembly. I got this to replace a worn out one when I installed a Solar pool pump system about a few months ago. Now when I try to backwash the DE filter it sucks the valve back down into the normal opperation position. Heres a link of my...
  27. C

    Loud Hayward Pump Repair

    Hello Folks, my pool pump has been loud for about 2 months, not knowing much I figured it had to be replaced soon so I was trying to get through the summer. We just moved in to a house last year and I know everything in the pool is original from 2014. It's a salt water system. Last night the...
  28. K

    Hayward 350FDN IF code

    I have a Hayward 350FDN, it was working earlier this year and now gives the IF error. I had our gas company come out and bump up our supply from the meter and replaced the flame sensor. Still get the error. I can see through the sight glass the igniter turn red and flame for a short time (3-5...
  29. I

    Low salt readings on multiple brand new salt cells

    I have an Aquarite chlorine generator that's probably around 20 years old but had its board replaced within the last 5 years. My Hayward T-CELL-15 started failing after only 2.5 years. Due to the significant increase in prices and low availability on Hayward's salt cells, I decided to give the...
  30. M

    Pool pump wiring

    I am replacing A 1.5hp 220 pump. Hayward control box(timer and pump speeds). I am installing a powerextremeusa pump. It has a low, common and high connection. The controller box has 4 wires. Green ground, black and red loads and orange. My question is what goes where ? I want to control ether...