Frozen Pool Pics 🥶


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Jun 29, 2016
Tampa, FL
Never say never! This thread has been incredible. But it has me thinking.

I think your chances are better than ours! I do remember when it snowed in Tampa... it was 1977, and we got maybe 1/2 inch. It was gone by afternoon!

We did have rolling blackouts in 1983 (I think for one day, maybe two). No snow or ice, just cold temps (I think it was in the twenties) and we mostly have heat pumps here - they aren’t designed for prolonged heating needs! I remember this one because my daughter was born that year and she was about 3 weeks old.

Every few years they have to water the strawberries if we have a night where temps go below freezing, but it doesn’t happen often.

Now, power outages due to hurricanes? Yep, that has happened. Nothing froze though!


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Jun 16, 2019
As a new pool owner this week has been an invaluable, trial by fire learning experience that I hope never to repeat
I bet you know your equipment backwards and forwards now though. Well done. Sorry it was under duress. :)


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Oct 24, 2013
Fort Worth, TX
We’ve always just relied on freeze protection, and this winter storm was no different because rolling outages weren’t supposed to mean you loose power for 30+ hours...lesson learned

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Nov 12, 2016
Plano, Texas
Yesterday it got "warm" enough to wack away on ice that wasn't attached to walls or sides. Very satisying!
Today more of the same and happy to say that the only white object in my pool, now, is my floating thermometer!

I gambled and drained/tarped the pad and RV Antifreezed my skimmers the Friday before the storms hit. I am waiting until we are out of the woods on our water situation before filling the pool and firing it up. Figured I could also do a filter cartridge clean once we have H2O. We’ve been asked to conserve and only use for basics like drinking, cooking or flushing. Fingers crossed that there is no damage.E500C717-8BD2-4982-94E0-EBE5CCD7248D.jpeg0F64053B-F3D9-47CB-BECA-5B2A6BFF9A41.jpegCCD531CA-7350-4763-8B4C-446FB8324671.jpeg


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Aug 5, 2019
Allen, TX
I fought the ice for 2 days before the rolling blackouts....even pumped hot water from the water heater to break up the ice and keep water flowing but the lines still kept freezing up. I had a new pump installed 1 week before the cold snap and didn't want to risk it freezing up with the power outages so I pulled the plugs and cut power. Hopefully we salvaged the equipment....guess we will see when it all thaws out. Fingers crossed!


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Apr 27, 2020
Clarksville TN
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Oooooooooooooh!!!!!! Super important PSA. Beware of the 4 legged friends. You see a frozen pool. Your dogs see a shortcut to the other side which won’t hold them much longer. Keep a close eye on the animals.
This was on the news tonight in Nashville ...
During the past week of snow and ice in middle Tennessee we’ve had more than a few frozen water rescues.
Some, sadly, with fatal results.
Not this time.
Jennie Tatum’s two dogs Sid and Olaf ran out into the backyard snow to do their business and play.
What happened next was all caught on the backyard security camera.
Jennie was closely watching from the house to let them back in from the cold ... when Sid got disoriented and did a nose dive into the frozen pool and immediately went under.
Jennie immediately rush out to save Sid.
She cut her hands breaking through the inch thick ice and jumped in looking for Sid, but at first couldn’t find him.
So she gets out and from a different angle spots the dog just under the surface of the ice across the pool.
Back in Jennie goes and pulls Sid from the pool.
He’s in shock, but conscious.
Sid was under the ice for a little over a minute.
They rushed him to their veterinarian and amazingly he is okay.
Heroic action by Jennie.
Both are fine.
I KNOW some of you will ask: Why no pool cover?
There is no cover on the pool because they keep their the pool open all year ... and a pump broke.
There was pending maintenance.
Of course, snow storms like the past week rarely hit Tennessee.
So, the family did share this video as a cautionary tale:


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Jun 16, 2019
Heroic action by Jennie.
Both are fine
Awesome job by the lady.

Now imagine if it was a toddler.

******lets THAT sink in*************

I get the jokes, believe me I do. Heck, the jokes are even usually my own. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

But please make sure that your pool in your backyard is getting the respect of the inherent dangers that it deserves
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Mar 20, 2019
Dallas, TX
I'd love to have both, wall and geny. But which first? Because of my 6" frostline depth where I live, a one day scenario is not something I'm overly concerned about. I'm freaked about days of no power, with or without sub-freezing temps, or in a heat wave. And if there's snow, what happens to my solar panel output? I don't think a wall is the more reliable, robust solution. A generator seems like it could cover more possible scenarios, for much longer periods of time. Thoughts?
I have solar which now produces more electricity than I use because I went from a single speed pump to variable-speed right after the solar install. I don't have the Powerwall but have considered it. The threads I've read on other sites from homeowners with Powerwall is that it works great to power a home overnight after a sunny day and but would not have been useful during the arctic blast through Texas. I'm looking at generator options, either for the home or just the pool.

EDITED 2/22 - I think I need better data on Tesla Powerwall. I got to thinking about the responses I have seen on sites about the inability of the battery system to keep up with the power failures. I really have not given a thorough look for a wider range of opinions. So, my mind is still open to all options.
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