Chemicals needed for pool closing


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Jul 3, 2007
I am closing the pool for the first time next month. A&S Pool Service Department wants lots of cash to just add chemicals and to blow out pipes. Can anyone here advise what type of "closing" chemicals I will need to have on hand . I don't know what my numbers will be then (mid Oct), I am still swimming thanks to my heat pump. My current numbers are:

FC 8.0
TC 8.0
CH 250
CYA 55
TA 90
Temp 81
PH 7.5

Also, anyone to recommend a reputable and reasonably priced company to close this for me, I have no experience in this and plan to videotape the first time. I am just south of Baltimore. Thanks in advance.


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Apr 24, 2007
Ashland PA
I just use polyquat 60 and regular bleach to take the pool up to shock. You need rv antifeeze to put into the pipes once they are blown out. Make sure it is the "RV" antifreeze, not what you use for a car. Can't help you with pool co near Baltimore, sorry.

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Mar 28, 2007
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Poly quat 60 is an non-copper algaecide. Someone else can fill in what the 'quat' is, but the name starts out Poly [something (something-) something] and ends in 60%
Yes you cycle it through. It is just a little extra protection against algae while your water is getting too cold for algae to grow.