Bonding Grid


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Sep 6, 2017
Lodi ca
If a bonding grid was not inspected per requirement before deck pour, would a gradient voltage test alone be sufficient enough to satisfy mentally and be certain that a possible electrocution would not or could not occur?


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Sep 7, 2012
I don,t know the answer to your question but I had some bonding work done and it was not inspected and this was a big concern for me. I then had an electrician who had the knowledge and equipment to do testing and give me a written report and then he brought in the electrical inspector who asked for an additional bonding wire and then he will inspect in the spring. My point in all of this is that i should end up with the proper inspection. It helped that i also had pictures of the installation before it was covered over. It was adding a splash deck to my existing pool.


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Mar 2, 2011
The inspector will have to specify what is required for the bonding grid to pass inspection.

Is there a licensed electrician that will certify that the bonding grid was done correctly?