Am I doing this right?


Jan 27, 2017
Fort Worth
Good evening, I'm a new pool owner and just finished pool school with the builder. I have been reading this forum for the last 6 months trying to learn as much as I can. The builder built and really nice pool but the instructions for pool care when it's done is not very good. Pool has been full for more than two weeks and was told to put salt in it in 21 days. I asked multi times about chemical levels and keeping them correct, was told just to brush until pool school, and told me to keep chlorine tabs in the skimmer.I have been checking with my t-100 test kit. I keep reading that my ph levels should be climbing but they have stayed between 7.5 and 7.8 since it has been filled. I continued to use the tabs to slowly raise the cya. I am switching to salt on sat and want to make sure all is good before the switch. Any suggestions on adjustments. I do have tree water falls and two bubblers, which I don't run very often.
Water temp is 70 degrees

Fc. 6
CC. .5
TA. 100
PH. 7.8
CH. 225
CYA. 40


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all new Cow-Town pool owners... :snorkle:

Your numbers look pretty good to me. Your pH is at the upper end but ok for now, just keep an eye on it.

Your CYA will need to go up once you get your SWCG working. Salt pools need a CYA of 70 to 80.

As you have noted, pool builders are much better at building pools, than there are at maintaining pools.. :mad:

Great job getting a good test kit and getting your signature updated.. Perfect!!!


Jan 27, 2017
Fort Worth
Thanks, I've tried to inform my self the best I could before I started this process. It a little tough for me just reading and learning. I am the type that has to learn by doing, its a blessing and a curse. Makes a lot sense about the pucks keeping the ph in check, I was worried I wasn't doing it right.

Yes the pool pool builders are much better at building than maintaining. When I them about the chemical levels I have gathered from this wonderful site, he pretty much told me that those number are way off course, and with those cya levels and fc numbers I would have a hard time maintaining the pool. I asked him if he very gets on this forum, he said no, been doing it since the early 80s.