1. E

    Pool leaking... had 'leaks' fixed in pool light and skimmers HOWEVER pool still leaking

    Hi all First time pool owner and someone struggling to fix an issue that seems to never end. Also worried I am being taken advantage of by contractors due to my lack of knowledge. A quick background 1) Have a large underground pool and attached spa. Saw that when pump was running the pool...
  2. M

    Well worth the wait, complete pool overhaul.

    Been in our the house about 8 years and finally able to update our 30 yr old pool. We ripped out all of the decking and patio. Redid the tile and added travertine coping. Added a tanning ledge 12in deep in a kind of no mans land part of the pool, it was too deep for the kids to stand but not...
  3. M

    New pool build in California....Best deal I have?? HELP??

    Hello All, I appreciate any guidance you can provide. So we finally moved into our new home 2 months ago. We have had 6 pool companies come by. 2 pool companies came about 3-4 weeks ago and no call back or email. 2 other said 2-3 week, with one it has bee 2 weeks, the other going on 3 and...
  4. T

    Suggestions for presumed leak in bench waterfall (in-ground pool)

    Hey everyone, I'd like your suggestions about how to handle what I believe is a leak from a waterfall that is installed in a slightly rounded, concrete, tiled bench adjoining my in-ground pool. There is a build-of a hard white deposit on one side of the waterfall. I assume that this is...
  5. C

    Advice needed on plumbing for adding a large waterfall

    I’m looking remodel my pool area and take an existing waterfall, increase its size and have it fall into the pool. The existing waterfall used to have it’s output come from the pool equipment pad and then the basin drained into the pool. The output was capped over and buried under concrete due...
  6. awpoll

    pool equipment list

    I have received my pool equipment list and I want feedback from you all. In reading on this forum it seems that a variable speed pump on the pool is the best pump. My PB called and told me that Jandy has been having issues with the VS Pumps which is why he recommended the Jandy FloPro 2.0...
  7. Mgvandewark

    Tile/Stone Crew Fired

    Moss rocks were delivered to our home yesterday. Today when the tile/stone crew arrive they tell me the cement guys messed up and made the outline too big. They will have to fill the waterfall/groto area with cement to make the steps for our slide coming off from the side of the grotto. I call...
  8. S

    Skimmer and Waterfall

    I'm trying to balance good suction in my skimmer with a nice flow from my waterfall, but I am not that familiar with the controls. Can anyone help me based on the picture provided?