Tile/Stone Crew Fired


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Jun 22, 2019
San Antonio, Texas
Moss rocks were delivered to our home yesterday. Today when the tile/stone crew arrive they tell me the cement guys messed up and made the outline too big. They will have to fill the waterfall/groto area with cement to make the steps for our slide coming off from the side of the grotto. I call our superintendent and ask him to explain why they made the area for the waterfall/grotto so large, the steps couldnt be placed. He comes out and discusses what is going on. In the meantime, the tile/rock crew is just standing there listening to us. Our superintendent finishes explaining what will be done and how everything will still look like the plans. I come inside and see our superintendent leave. The next thing I see is the tile/rock crew pack up everything and leave. I assume they were getting more rocks. Two hours went by so I called the superintendent to find out what is going and he replies "Don't worry, I have other crews." So now this delays things even more because another crew wont be out here until Monday. So my question, who has had problems beginning with the tile/rock crews? Everything has been going so smoothly up until now.


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Jul 10, 2012
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I know it has been a while since you posted this but I wanted to tell you that almost (never say never or all) every pool build has a hiccup or two during the build. I am hoping this was your hiccup and it has already been overcome!
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