Adding a Fountain with a 2nd Pump - Thoughts/Recommendations


Jul 6, 2020
Sayreville, NJ
So, this will be my 2nd year with this Bestway 16'x48" seasonal pool. Had the cartridge pump fail after 2 months and I replaced it with Sand filter pump and have had great success. Combined with learning water chemistry from this site, I have done well. Thank you all!

I just purchased an Intex water fall cascade and I have the warranty replacement for the cartridge filter in the shed. While I have the water chem down, I am not good a water flow guy. I was hoping the great people on this forum can help in brainstorming how I should connect things. I am now going to brain dump my thoughts in hopes there is help out there.

The Surface skimmer works best with outlet 2 closed. As of now, I don't think I always want the waterfall on all the time. Ph is usually not to much of a concern for me. Should I add in the free warranty cartridge pump to outlet 2 and feed the waterfall? This would allow the surface skimmer to be crazy efficient. Should I put in a 4 way splitter and add the 2nd pump so I can use outlet 2 for the Sand filter when needed? Would there be issues with a small cartridge pump and a larger sand filter pump on the same splitter? What am I not thinking of? Size of the hoses will most likely be a key point.

PDF attached shows current setup. Also shows the waterfall and cartridge pump not connected, as that is what I am look for help on.

Any and all comments are welcome. Thank you all.


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Feb 18, 2018
Northwest GA
With my intex, I didn't split off the 2 intakes. I used one intake with my filter/pump (I upgraded to the intex sand filter/pump/swg combo). The other intake I plugged. When I made a fountain, I used that 2nd intake with the intex filter that came with the pool.
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