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    Pump buzzing, not moving water. HELP!

    Went on vacation for a week, after 5 days pool pump stops working according to neighbor who was watching over the house for us. Water has not been circulating for about 4 days now... I’ve troubleshooted some, and I’m leaning toward replacing the capacitor based on what I’ve read. Shaft seems...
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    Advice Needed - Hayward Heater Pump on Same Timer

    Can anyone provide some advice for me. I was wondering if I would be able to connect my new Hayward HP21254T heater to the same timer (Intermatic T104P3) as my pool pump (USQ1152 - 115/230 volt 1.5 hp). Currently, the pump is the only thing attached to the timer. The timer is connected to a 60...
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    Mirror image intermatic timer?

    Hello, I have an old Intermatic timer controlling my pump. I'm looking for a replacement plastic insulator cover, but it seems that mine is oriented in reverse of all of the timers out there. My switch is on the left (at around the 7 o'clock position), and on is to the left. Does anyone know...