AquaLogic add WiFi Power Switch


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Feb 3, 2021
Tomball, TX
I currently have a very outdated controller, AquaLogic. Like everyone else who has or had this system it hardly ever keeps time or looses 8 hours of time then becomes non existent. Without replacing the entire system at the moment is it possible to wire in a Wifi switch to just the filter pump so that can be controlled from anywhere as I please? Similar to this....

Everything else on the system works just fine in the panel itself and the wireless controller for the inside on the home, its just the timers that dont keep time. All the other features I'm not too worried about, just dont want to run the pool for 13-15 hours a day while not at home until I can replace the whole control system to something more up-to-date to 2021.


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Oct 5, 2007
Valrico, FL
Yeah I've seen people do the repairs but no telling how long I'd be totally down since I'd have to send my existing board to them.
Generally you do not have to. They send you a repaired board and when it arrives, you send them your old board. That is the idea behind "Core"