1. T

    Safely remove concrete deck around vinyl liner IG pool for repairs?

    Hello all, I recently bought a home with a neglected pool (installed mid-1970s) in need of rehabilitation. I’ve had several pool contractors come out and received varying suggestions on how to proceed. The pool at a minimum will need a new liner and plumbing/electrical updating. The concrete...
  2. T

    Jandy & Ortega Valve Dilemma, please help! *Pics included* TX DIY

    I have a cracked 3-way Jandy diverter valve that needs to be replaced. It is cracked on the bottom and leaks water when I turn the pump on. I watched a video on youtube and it looks like I just need to saw off the white pipes and attach straight connectors and another short pipe when placing a...
  3. D

    Euro Gutter Repair and Coping Install - Please Help!

    Hello, We had a bad leak in the gutter that required us to pull up the coping and back row of travertine. We had to grind off all of the thinset and mud from each piece as well as the beam. My question now is..... What is the most accurate way to ensure that the coping edge is pitched...
  4. getalegup

    My Polaris 380 with many problems. Fix a little, Fix a lot or Replace? Need feedback.

    tl/dr How broken and/or underperforming should my Polaris 380 be before I fix, rebuild or replace it? Long story: My Polaris 380 has a lot of problems. I hope that this forum can help me decide whether to fix it or replace it. 1. The base assembly is broken. The rectangular tab that sits just...
  5. S

    Pool Resurfacing Questions

    Need advises on pool resurfacing. We were advised to resurface our 15 years old community pool located. We have hard water here, but the pool is regularly serviced. The pool surface looks fine to me, but others disagreed (Attached photos). I have 5 Questions: 1. Does the pool need re-surfacing...
  6. Ya-Man

    Tile and grout/caulking apart

    Need help with trying to fix an issue where my flexible tile is needing some repair. We just bought the house so we are new pool owners. It looks like repairs have been performed in this area in the past. The previous owners are not willing to provide help (karma). What should I use to fix this...
  7. S

    How to protect stonework by the pool?

    Hello - How do I protect the red stones (see pic) from year long exposure to sunlight and hot climate (in the South USA)? I am new to home pool care and would greatly appreciate your advice.
  8. N

    in ground Spa dropped nearly 3 inches from concrete decking. Best way to fix?

    I have a in ground spa that dropped down from the decking about 3 inches. There was a hard 1" plastic insert that broke apart when the spa dropped down the first time (see red arrow in photo). I few years ago, I tried to repair the gap by filling in with construction foam and silicone...
  9. mrbigshot

    Broken Internal Air Bleed Tube

    I have a Posi-Flo 135TXR Pool Filter and the internal air bleed tube broke off when removing my cartridge filter. It looks like part of the tank base came off with it too. Is anyone familiar with repairing this? Thanks!
  10. J

    Guidance on regrout of stone coping

    New to TFP. Doing some research on a coping repair and ran across y'all. Have an inground gunite pool that we renovated about 16 years ago...located in Atlanta GA. While in the process of replacing my expansion joint, I discovered a loose coping stone along with a few areas where the...
  11. R

    Pool Cracks

    I've inherited a pool with a concrete base and fiberglass sides that. There are some relatively thin cracks in the shallow end. Are these just plaster cracks that can be filled in, or do I need to do any more intensive structural repairs? If they can just be filled in, how much would I expect to...
  12. B

    Pool / spa tile repair in Philadelphia, PA suburbs

    Hi, I lost a bunch of tiles in our attached spa last year during the winter. I’d like to get the spa re-tiled. I’m having a hard time finding someone. Any recommendations on someone that can replace the tile on an attached pool spa in the Philly area ? Thanks!
  13. Johnnie2038

    Caretaker system leak

    I moved into my house about 7 months ago and the pool was working fine but recently the caretaker system on the bottom side of it was leaking some water could tell it was because the Dirt around it was moist, so I attempted to seal it with pool putty and the previous owner had put silicone on...
  14. J

    Pool Fill Bib

    A PVC connection to our pool fill bib recently developed a leak and soaked through an exterior wall. I pulled of the insulation tube that was taped on it, removed a crazy mat of tiny roots from some far away mystery plant ( likely been leaking a while) and saw this setup. The faucet is always...
  15. J

    Vinyl Liner Separating From Wall

    Hi everyone, we have a Vinyl liner that has separated from the wall in various places above the water line. The pool guy says it's not repairable and mentioned it could be $7k - $10k to replace the liner down the road. He mentioned we could get 1 -2 years more out of it (the liner is probably...
  16. R

    time sensitive - please help! DE FILTER CARTRIDGE QUESTION

    Hello pool warriors, I am planning a massive 4th of July party in my yard this week and ran into some serious trouble. 2 of the mesh liners of my DE filter cartridges (72 sq ft - 36 inchers) have 2-3 inch tears along the seams. I know that I need to buy a grid to replace these and can get on...
  17. D

    Bolts won’t come off of diving board help me please.

    What started as a quick bolt replacement quickly turned into hours of slamming a hammer at things and now I’m desperate...The bolts in my diving board seem to be rusted into the board it’s self and no amount of force can make the things come out. While researching I couldn’t find any board with...
  18. P

    Need help on what to tackle first on restoring in ground pool

    Hello! First time being here and posting. We purchased a foreclosure with the intention on fixing the in ground pool that existed. I am not sure how long it's been neglected, we KNEW it needed a liner but when my husband drained I this weekend to get all measurements we feel we need more than a...
  19. D

    Plaster resurface on in ground pool. Poor quality work by the pool builder or "part of the process?"

    Hi all, This is my first post, so bear with me if I don't get all the necessary information out on the first shot. I found this forum after looking everywhere for good information on good plastering techniques, what to watch for, etc. and being overwhelmed with how much information was out...
  20. H

    Requesting help for optimal setup on existing pool

    I am not sure if this is the right section to post this in but since it is technically new and a renovation it may be fine. I bought a house that sat empty for a while after repairs were done because of hurricane Harvey. While it was vacant the pool pump was stolen and the pool was...
  21. S

    New build for 2002 Sundance Optima 850

    So I am finally getting around to building the deck for the Hot Tub and it is going great so far. Engineer designed the 10'x10' deck so that the tub sits about 6" higher than the floor of my main deck. Luckily I had power and spot for breaker within 6', so power was the easiest part. I am still...
  22. M

    Concrete pool construction help

    We would like some pool construction advice. We have an in-ground rectangle poured concrete pool. The concrete shell was poured last year. As the floor was very uneven, the contractor made a concrete mix to level the floor which he made 1.75" thick on top of the base slab and he laid down thin...