SwimTemp Pool Heater (Raypak) Stop Working


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Jan 14, 2021
Davenport, FL
The pool heater that I have is the original that was put when the house was built in 2005.
It recently stopped working. It won't turn on even though the power light indicator is on which means is receiving power.

It says SwimTemp outside and when called the phone number on it it takes you to Raypak. Was told they bought the company that originally made it.
Model STRC2-5 Series ST

I was told that it needs a new motherboard and a capacitor.

Want to know how and where can I buy these 2 parts.

I also been looking for the owner's manual of this pool heater but have not been able to find it online.
I appreciate any help anyone can offer in order to get my pool heater back up running.

I have attached 2 pictures of my pool heater.




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Jul 14, 2014
If RayPak can't point you to a source, likely you won't be able to get the circuit board. There are some companies that can do circuit-board repair. A Google search will find them. Capacitors are easy to get. Jjust look at the markings on the case of the existing one and match it.

Please realize that you are dealing with a 16+ year-old heat pump that is, likely, not worth the effort and expense to repair and, generally, not a DIY project in any case. What refrigerant does it use? Will it need to be re-charged? Can you get that refrigerant anymore? In the past 15 years many have been phased out and are extremely expensive. What is the condition of the compressor? The fan motor?