1. O

    Pool leaking 2 inches a day

    New pool owner here I drained my vynl liner pool 70%, the shallow end was entirely drained I refilled and started to see leak 2 inches a day I tried to find the leak using leak tester syringe but no luck yet The pictures are below I see water under the vynl in the first picture Any tips where...
  2. L

    Main Drain Was Leaking, Gunite Pool

    Hello, We went to open our pool in early June, pool had about 2 feet of water on the bottom. Called a company that plugged the main drain for about $200. They say they can fix the leak to allow us to use the main drain again, however, it will require some jack hammering around the drain. They...
  3. J

    Leak repair advice

    Another "fun" discovery while doing some renovations and having a hard time getting someone out to actually look at it/fix it so thought I'd ask in case there is a way to fix this that isn't terribly difficult. I've done some digging and I was surprised to find this copper pipe as the apparent...
  4. thephatp

    How to Fix Leak on Suction Side Valve under Automated Controller

    It's take a bit of troubleshooting, but I finally figured out why I'm getting air in my pump and lines. Turns out I have a leak in the valve on the suction side of the pump. This has resulted in LOTs of air in my system. At low running speeds it has sucked in so much air that the pump is void of...
  5. bradgray

    50+ cracks in day-old Shotcrete.

    Greetings again TFP! My post today is filled with excitement and concern. I've done service and repair for pools for many, many years, and as of last week - the pool guy is finally getting a pool! I will concede, we are very good at servicing and repairing the systems of our several hundred...
  6. S

    Water Level Issue

    I am experiencing issues with my pool's water levels. My pool has a spa built in with a spillover. I also have my pool pump running for five hours a day. When the pool pump is running and the water level in the pool is ideal, everything is good. When the pool pump turns off, issues start...
  7. R

    Multiport handle leak

    I have a hayward DE filter with a multiport valve. Was working fine but then it started to leak out of the tope handle. The leak was worse when on spa/recirculate mode. The equipment was on the older side so i just bought a whole new part (Hayward SPX0740BA Key, Cover and Handle Replacement for...
  8. J

    Advice on water Leak

    I have a 40x20 pool and I think I have a leak in a water pipe. During the winter when the filter is winterized, I have to drain out excess water from the pool, so I don't think there is a leak in the liner. I also used the food coloring test and couldn't find any leaks in the liner. My installer...
  9. W

    New Hayward selectaflow Multiport Leak

    just Replaced a Hayward 2” multiport valve with new housing . Old valve was leaking too; i Overtightened screws on the old valve ( trying to stop the leak around the screw flange ) and cracked the housing . Just replaced the entire unit and now have yhe same leak around the screw flange ...
  10. Corrina621


    Hi everyone! I just joined the forum this morning, hoping y’all can help us with our current quandary. We have a forty thousand gallon in-ground pool. Yesterday we noticed some standing water at the edge of our driveway out front. We’re in Phoenix’s west valley so any standing water is...
  11. C


    Hello I have an inground pool is 30,000 gallons in a U shape. It is mostly 4 feet deep. I seem to have to add water daily and am losing 1 - 2 inches per day. I had someone come out over the winter And he said it was unlikely that it was a leak. The only thing he didn’t test were the lights. Any...
  12. M

    Evaporation or Leak on a new pool?

    Good Morning Everyone, As the title suggests, I am wondering if I have a leak or if the sheer waterfalls create a lot of evaporation. I am a new pool owner in Melbourne, Florida. I have a concrete pool with plaster and six inches of one inch tiles in height around the pool. I have two...
  13. A

    Sheer descent leak through coping

    Hi, my new pool was officially done on Dec. 15th. On Dec 31st I noticed that when my sheer descent was on there was a second pin hole stream of water leaking through the coping. Company finally “fixed” it in early March. It wasn’t obviously leaking the steam into the pool anymore so I didn’t...
  14. arbernet

    lost water over winter

    my 27' pool was installed last spring. drained it to skimmer level and covered it in fall. regular winter here in Georgia. I lost most of the water. I foolishly started re-filling then realized my error there. I have lost 5 inches in a month . Pool is now at 19". Can anyone recommend a patch...
  15. C

    Autofill Canister Missing Liner?

    Hi All, Since swapping my pool to salt a system I've been noticing I seem to need to add more salt person than I would expect which led me down the road of leak investigation. I went out to adjust the autofill valve for a lower water level today (this is why the float is below water level in...
  16. F

    Pinhole Leaks in PB4SQ Housing

    I did not find any posts where the "pinhole" leak was in the side of the housing like this. My only thought at this point is to slap some JB Weld on there but I'm betting there's a better solution. I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
  17. generessler

    Extremely strange suction side leak

    Sigh... Need help from the wizards again... You guys have been soooo... helpful in the past. When our pool is in pool mode, there's zero air visible. All is fine. But in spa mode, it draws air. Easy to see in the pump basket. Clouds of bubbles from the spa returns. When I turn on the heater...
  18. A

    Pool Leak After Plaster New Build

    So, my new build (owner/builder) was just plastered (Pebble Fina Bella Blue). I specifically asked the Plaster company if they take care of the drains as part of the plaster job and they advised yes. Well, plaster is complete and pool had a leak. Plaster company made me hire a leak detection...
  19. D

    Small leak with cover during winter?

    Hello all, I am in Northern California. Bought a house with a pool spring of 2021. I noticed a 1/2 inch a day pool leak during the summer and got a Leak Detection company locate the leak in my light fixture. It took the Leak Detection 3 visits to find the leak, which cost me about $1k. My pool...
  20. Daf-Tekno

    Leaking jet: how to repair

    Hi TFPers, My '07 Jacuzzi J480 has started to leak. I suspect it's from a jet, but can't see any visible signs anywhere to point me to the jet responsible. One of my main pumps has a leak, prominent when it's running (sprays water off the driveshaft like a tap just slightly open), maybe that's...
  21. A

    Need help with leak troubleshooting

    Hello! While I was doing some routine pool checks, I noticed there was a new wet spot around my pump. I’m a newer pool owner, so I was wondering if someone can help direct me in troubleshooting? Any idea what the problem might be? TIA!
  22. T

    Spa Draining With the Pump Turned Off

    I have spa that sits above the pool. With the pump turned off, the spa is draining and sitting right below the jet returns. Is there a leak?
  23. goody222

    Risk of cover leak when using automatic sump pump?

    The last 2 years I've rested my automatic sump pump on top of my solid pool cover (just a big tarp). Its been so nice not having to worry about water on my cover. However, I was thinking to myself, what if my pool cover developed a leak? The sump would just run continuously until it basically...
  24. J

    Inground Pool leaking and groundwater, cement repair

    Hi folks, I am looking for some guidance in regards to fixing my inground pool. I noticed our pool was leaking and our pool liner was getting worn out so decided its time to fix things up. When i cut out the liner, i saw there were parts on the concrete that is black and deteriorating, and even...
  25. N

    Concrete footing 1 inch above lines & conduits?

    Hi we're doing an in-ground pool and replacement of the adjacent patio and patio cover. We've learned from the patio contractor that -- surprise -- one of the two patio cover concrete footings (12" deep by 48" wide "spread footers") will now need go to directly over the assemblage of pool/spa...
  26. S

    New plumbing now with low flow to spa return

    I just had my pool converted to salt and salt cell plumbed into the prior system. Cell is working fine but the way the guy did it ended up stopping pretty much altogether the flow in the spa return while running the pump in pool mode. I’ll post before and after photos below. Spa gets filled via...
  27. johngault007

    When Leaks Almost Look Like Heavy Evaporation

    So I just want to preface this thread with a shout out to the search function on this site and the great help that has already been provided by members here! My pool has been up and running for about 5 weeks now, and for some reason my water levels were dropping 1/2" to 1" per day. Fast enough...
  28. D

    Temporary piping for leaking pool

    All right, guys. Yet again, my pool has sprung a leak. I'm busy seeing where it settles (level wise) and then will begin what might be a challenging repair. I have another thread for the leak. This thread is about how I might be able to use my filter and pump while my skimmer and my return...
  29. B

    New Pump Motor - Leaking From Bolt Hole

    I replaced the motor (century motor B2854) on my Whisperflo pool pump (Schematic). I bought a new seal kit, and replaced items 11, 16, and 9. On 11 and 9 I used some lubricant when installing. On 16, I put some silicone around the side that goes into the seal plate, and nothing around the side...
  30. F

    Can’t find the leak!

    Hello! I have been helped COUNTLESS times by this website. Thank you! We are down to one return jet after having one closed off because of an underground leak (which we’ll repair next year). We also had a new vinyl liner installed this year and after a month or so of working perfectly, we’ve...