intex sand filter pump

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    Hayward or Intex sand filter to buy and use ti with Intex salt system. Anyone can help, please?

    Last year I used 10" Intex sand filter and Intex salt system with 12'x30" Intex above the ground pool. I wish I had a more powerful filter ... Anyway, this year I have upgraded to 18x52 Intex pool and need to decide whether to buy Intex 16" sand filter with a pump or my eye caught Hayward sand...
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    Hello everyone, we are Robert and Sarah!!!

    My wife and I are new to the pool world. We have no idea what we are doing. LOL! We are learning, which is awesome. We still have a long way to go. We have a Intex pool 9x18x52 with a sand filter and saltwater pump. I hope we are doing everything correct. Thanks for having us.
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    Intex Sand Filter SF8110-2 Beeping and flashing

    Please help, after winterizing my pump as per the manual, I have come to set my pump up again this season. I plugged it in pressed the reset button and nothing showed on the display. After pressing the test and reset on the gfci plug a bunch of times it finally showed some life. However it’s...
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    Intex Pool Sand Filter

    I just purchased a new Intex Sand Filter with 12 inch tank from Amazon. My pool is a Coleman 18 *48 we hooked it up and its running great for a while then it just starts losing pressure I guess. It stops blowing as hard into the pool. The water was drained from the pool and refilled with clean...
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    Intex SF80110-2 Pump/Filter Timer Bypass

    I have an Intex 1200 gph Krystal Clear Sand Filer Pump, model SF80110-2. This model has a built-in timer, but it will only allow you to run the pump for a set amount of hours per day continuously and then shut off. If the power goes out or it is unplugged, you can turn it back on and reset the...
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    Sand in pool

    Hi all! I have a brand new Intex pool and 2100pgh Intex sand pump. Everyday there Is a ton of sand in the pool. Any other explanations other than broken laterals? The person who installed it couldn’t get the top on the pump and tried to hammer the pipe down! Come to find out her didn’t fill the...
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    Water return on "filter" mode extremely weakens after 1.5 hrs, but perfectly fine on "recirculate" mode.

    Short Video: Description: Water return is perfectly fine on "recirculate" mode for hours on end (5 PSI), but on "filter" mode (when it actually runs through the sand media) it starts out strong (9 PSI), but gets extremely weak after 1.5 hrs of running (14 PSI). This started happening after...