What's your current pool temp?


Jun 28, 2018
Wilton,. NY
our pool was up to 82 last week then it got cool over the weekend and came down to 76. Then we forgot to put the cover on sunday night and it dropped all the way to 70. :censored: Warming back up now.


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Jun 4, 2016
Portland OR metro
we keep heat at 78 and turn it up to 80 or 82 when weather looks promising for a swim, which is about twice a week in May and early June. the solar cover adds 3-5 degrees to that on a sunny day. so kids are often swimming in 84-87 water, when the air temps are 65-75.

next week looks like summer arrives (about on schedule, maybe even two weeks early) with air temps around 80, and we will leave heat pump at 80 i think.

we do have solar on our home and cheap electricity in general which eases the bite.


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May 11, 2020
San Antonio, TX
92 degrees over the weekend (late afternoon). Its crazy how fast it heats up with the large shallow tanning ledge.
Hmmmm - maybe I should put our large umbrella on the sun ledge in the mornings to try to keep it from getting too warm. We were hitting 90 degrees last week. It's at 82 now. I like it 82-86, I think. Still learning as we've only used it since 6/1/20.


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Mar 11, 2015
SE Virginia
So after a brief period of more normal air temps in early June, the pool finally made it into the low 80s. This week we’re back to much colder than normal temps and the pool is back down to 70.🤬