What have you done for your Pool Paradise recently?


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May 27, 2019
Houston, TX
I just installed a drip irrigation system to all of the pots around my pool. No more twice daily watering.

I also added a Poolbot (Triton PS Plus) aka T.O.M. to the pool. If I can get the SWG installed in about 2 weeks, I'll have almost nothing to do...

What are you doing to upgrade your pool or pool paradise?
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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
New one what???? Casey??? What are you up to??? hummmmm
@kimkats A new pool of course :) In ground and I think we may go all out and my nephew and I do the whole pool ourselves... He does cell phone tower sites and installs tornado shelters like crazzy.. he has 3 crews working for him now in about 5 states around us and 1 permanent concrete crew... He can do just about anything and I can do the rest :)

We are not sure about plaster yet, we may try it or have another crew do it.. I have been stuck between doing a vinyl and plaster and really there is not much difference when it gets down to it when you are doing concrete for both...

Still getting the plans together and most of it is still in my head, whats left of it :)
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Oct 16, 2019
The Villages, Florida
This is the specific one we purchased: Designer Series Deck to Deck Return Stair Rail | S.R.Smith Rails

I got the marine grade one (316 stainless) Part # DR-D3D50065-MG. Purchased it from Leslie's pool supply because I had a $50 coupon, and that brought the price down to $350. It was +$400 everywhere else.

The escutcheons were ordered for a 1.9" rail (that is the diameter for this rail) in marine grade as well. The order said 1.9", the packaging said 1.9", but they were actually 1.5". Looks like an issue with SR Smith as it was shipped directly from them.

The site shows multiple colors, but if you opt for the marine grade you can't get the colors - just stainless steel. They said no coating will stick properly to the 316 stainless.
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Jul 4, 2012
Chicago, IL
I just installed a drip irrigation system to all of the pots around my pool. No more twice daily watering.
I am very interested in this but do not have any experience. I have a few of those hanging plants in a bag on my pool deck in very direct sunlight. They do not hold much water and even 1-2 day watering isn't always enough. Was just browsing Amazon and some reviews for some products suggested they don't do well in the sun as the hose gets too hot and the head pops off. How are yours holding up? Do you have a link to your system?


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Jun 20, 2016
I'm doing the most miserable job in the past 3 years. The acrylic chalk line between the coping and tile was falling out. My tile is pretty tight in most areas around the pool so it was hard to get it in good. I decided to scrape it all out and use matching silicone for submersed use. I'm almost done scraping it all out laying on my stomach head over in the pool. I did 50' feet or so last night just to make sure it will look proper. I'm happy. Hopefully this time it stays in. I'm assuming it should cause silicone holds up awesome. tonight i finish scraping and then clean the bottom of the pool cause it's a mess! i'm just letting all the scraped out bit fall in the water.

edit: tonight finished scraping out and got pool all cleaned out. Checked all my tile. Not one cracked grout line thankfully after 3 seasons now. Tomorrow I tape off and Saturday silicone after I fish of course.

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