What does your pool paradise look like?


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Dec 24, 2018
Columbus, OH
WOW! Y'all are so lucky and making me wish it was summer even more during this snowstorm :(

Can't wait to get my pool this Spring and I will post pictures of my redneck oasis haha


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Jun 26, 2018
San Diego
Thanks guys. The palms definitely require some monthly maintenance but it beats shoveling snow!

The entire system runs off two 300w low voltage transformers, with a third powering the front of the house. Since taking these photos I've also installed 150 feet of string lights over the patio area (not pictured). And not visible is an 8-way outdoor sound system surrounding the entire perimeter of the outdoor space, hooked up to a dual zone receiver that I hid in the unused lower corner of my kitchen cabinet. This is connected to a ultra-long range Bluetooth on top of the refrigerator, so anyone can connect in their audio mixes.

The entire system - pool LED, spa LED, landscape and path lighting, and audio - are all controlled directly from my iPhone using the Smartlife app. It's fun to take guests out there and hit the "Full System On" button. :)


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Jun 20, 2016
Tell me about the app. What r u using to have the app communicate with the lights and audio. The audio over ip? Or ir woth a converter to ip? What about the lights. Rxthey smart lights or isxthe transformer plugged into a smart outlet which is zwave or zigbee? Thier website is kinda vague. I’m always looking for other viable solutions.