What does your pool paradise look like?


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Jan 2, 2016
Milton, Ontario
I made my own poolside tiki hut with a double tiki bar, View attachment 102306which has now become my staycation over the summer. I decorated it to make me feel I am in the Florida Keys or somewhere in the Gulf. Looking for ideas of things to add to this poolside paradise.
I absolutely love this! you've done a great job decorating. i would love to do something like this at my pool. Well done!


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Jul 5, 2018
Acworth ga
New to this and working to decide on pool size. I don’t know the gallons so wondering if you could share the ‘dimensions’ of your pool. Looks amazing!
Haven't been on the site for a while, but pool is 20×40 over all, honestly though, I'm not sure of the exact widths of the various areas. It's about 27500 goals, 3.5 feet shallow end, 6.5 feet deep end. The only thing I dont like is the middle, it's a bit more constricted than I had anticipated, but we still love it.


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Jun 8, 2015
Houston, TX
Eye candy for sure!! They are looking very happy now! Did you lose any? What a green thumb you have there!


Thanks, nope did not loose any, matter of fact the branch the sewer crew broke I have two rooted cuttings off of and 1 is blooming!!! Oh yeah I do have roughly 80, 1 year old seedlings and 2 month old seedlings!!!

Do you think I have a problem???



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Jun 8, 2015
Houston, TX
Only if you do not share the wealth! I have seen you sharing so it is all good! :hug:

Do you sell them?

I do sell them on a limited basis, this past spring I liquidated about 40 plants. I will do different experiments with the seedlings and this fall when my mature plants start to go dormant I will cut back and those cutting will be for sale or trade. I have become friends with a few members here that purchased some last spring. It is my therapy you could say.

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Jun 26, 2019
NE Texas
I bought the first piece for my pool paradise today:

I love wind chimes, and look forward to several more sets of chimes. My ultimate goal is a set of Corinthian chimes, those big tuned ones that ring in such a sonorous way.

I think my pool paradise will end up being a combination of Zen and parrot head. Interesting fusion...
Ours is an interesting mix. I grabbed a couple hundred bucks furniture in a closeout store. Fake brown wicker, hubs added blue plastic Adirondack chairs. 🤣 It's just for this year while I figure out my design...we start interior remodeling soon. I just can't do both these days. 🤭

Yeah ... Don't get me started. Some of them are going to mysteriously lose air.
I hear that!
Our pool is 3 weeks and the giant dino that notme bought is already packed in the garage. 🤣 (without my asking) 👍
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