What did you do to your pool today?


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Jul 29, 2013
Arkadelphia, AR
Not today, but Friday I added a good bit of muriatic acid because our TA was higher than I wanted it. Saturday morning I aerated a while to raise Ph back up after dropping TA. We also installed a pair of Pyle Bluetooth outdoor speakers that Deb got for Christmas so she can have her tunes in the pool. Sunday we repaired a plumbing leak and in the process found two leaks in the liner. Other than fixing those we did a full test and only had to add chlorine.

Oh yeah, we soaked in it and drank a lot of beer in it ALL WEEKEND LONG!!!!



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Aug 10, 2012
FL panhandle
Backwashed the sand filter. Adjusted the flow switch on the iChlor a bit. Knocked a tiny bit of scale off the chlorinator. Added some acid to stop more scale in the SWG. Heated it from 86 to 89. Swam a lot.

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Jun 7, 2018
Alamo, CA
Secured the rail of the under-track auto-cover. It had come loose at the shallow end, both the screw and the plastic screw anchor came loose. Rummaged through my junk drawer, found 1 plastic anchor that was too big and another that was too small.

Drove down to local hardware store with the screw & the guy helped me find what looked like the perfect size anchor for 15 cents. Brought it home, suited up, got in the pool with hammer & screwdriver, and found the new anchor was too big for the hole. Turned out the one I already had that looked too small worked perfectly. Sigh.

As long as I was in the pool with a screwdriver, I checked & tightened all the under-track screws. Then I swam, showered, & had a beer. OK, 2 beers.
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Apr 27, 2018
Midland, MI
With my skimmer in hand, ran after a mouse -which was alive - (at least I think it was a mouse) in my pool. Not sure if I’m mad about the mouse or my husband laughing at me through the screen door. Ugh :mad:
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