What are these pipes??


Jun 20, 2018
St Petersburg
Hi all, I've tried to figure out what these pipes are?
There are two pipes left open, with different water levels. Figured vent for two main drains? Can't really tell if they're higher or lower than the pool water line, but different water levels that doesn't seem to change when pool goes off. Pump is below waterline. My pool is an inground/in deck but is above ground, so bottom of pool is right at the ground level.
So I used to stick my hose in one of the pipes and use it to fill the pool, until one day it didn't seem to be going up and the ground was all wet outside?? (Not raining)
Last thing is how do I know if this pool drains into the deck vents that runs to the side of the pool (pvc)

Last pipe is capped off? Dead man's pipe? (Not exactly sure what that is?)

Trying to upload a pic of the back, but file too large


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