Water chemistry causing green film?


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Nov 25, 2019
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Google is my friend. No instructions were left by my PB.

The process is normal in salt. Looks like I will have a Statue of Liberty finish in time.

From Bobe:

Once your bobé products have been installed, they will naturally begin to patina. This is
a natural process of oxidation where copper reacts to the elements and produces a series
of colors that build up in order to protect the copper. Colors range from light and dark
brown to blue-green and gray. This is a natural process.

Water Chemistry:
Please see the APSP Chemical Guidelines (check online apsp.org to verify the most

Salt Water
-It is not recommended that stainless steel be used on a salt pool. Adding salt to the water
will increase the TDS making the water more conductive and increasing the chance of
electrolysis (corrosion). However, if a Chlorine Generator (salt system) is being used, we
suggest that a Zinc Anode Valve be added to the plumbing. Stainless Steel is not warrantied for use in or around salt water.
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Jan 24, 2017
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I dont know how much copper would be added due to the corrosion of the spillway. Since TFP does not recommend copper, i would start looking into removing them and adding tile. If you dont want to remove them, you will have to test for copper every few months to keep it in check. Remember that to remove copper you need to dump water and fill with new.
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