1. Abw02

    Water slide plumbing

    I am planning on installing a slide to our concrete deck of our inground pool. We didn’t plumb a waterline when we built. However the slide will be right above a return inlet (1 of 3) into the pool. Is there anyway for me to connect tubing from the return jet to feed to water slide? I’d love to...
  2. Stevedotsimpson

    SWG placement?

    Hello, First off, I love this community. You've saved me so much money and stress already. Thank you all for your kind help. i just bought a new (to me) house. And it has a chlorinator, not a SWG. Bought a Hayward SWG (40K extra life capacity for my 23400 gallon pool). i have my electrician...
  3. J

    Non stop bubbles in Polaris line

    Help! The pressure side pool cleaner line keeps burping. The flow is very weak too. Polaris floats and won't clean. I've disassembled, cleaned, lubed, and reassembled the booster. I checked all the joints in front (and behind) the booster pump. I don't hear air. Cleaned baskets and skimmers...
  4. T

    Bypass Heater- air bubbles coming out the jets

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out where I'm getting air bubbles in my system. I have a Hayward DE filtration system with a Hayward heater. Air bubbles are coming out of the jets. They are smallish bubbles. I have sealed and lubed the filter lid. I think it may be happening somewhere within the...
  5. M

    Plumbing Check... Pool Dig Next week.

    Pretty basic pool. Dig starts this weekend and plumbing next week. Just now learning the basics. I asked for 2" rigid PVC throughout. Are the return lines a concern given the position of the skimmer? Should I swap the skimmer and the light position in the deep end? What is the marking 3' to...
  6. D

    New Pool Owner - First time turning on Water Feature

    New to this community, just bought this house with a pool and never owned one in the past - alot to learn! So I had a company out here to "open" up the pool for the first time since I am a mega noob here, they didnt really do much except take the cover off and install two of the three pumps -...
  7. N

    Need help with Venturi plumbing

    So I recently installed some Venturi fitting on a fiberglass pool/spa. I have two 1 inch pipe coming up through the deck how ever I’m stuck trying to find the correct fitting to control the air
  8. S

    Help Me Fit a Salt Chlorinator

    With the price (and availability) of chlorine becoming an issue, I want to convert my system to a salt water chlorinator. The problem is, I can't find a way to fit one into my plumbing setup without bringing at least one underground run above ground. As you can see from the picture of my pad...
  9. N

    Broken Skimmer Fitting

    Hey TFP, hoping to get some advice on how to proceed with a broken skimmer fitting. Little bit of background on my pool and the problem. - Pool is a vinyl liner pool, liner is only about 2-3 yrs old but the pool is probably 30-40 yrs old. Steel wall construction, plumbed with black poly, which...
  10. C

    Help with valves, plumbing, spa

    Hello to all. Looking for some help. Had recent repair of broken return pipe to spa under deck. Repair (seems) fine. No longer loosing water from pool/spa. However, spa will not hold water when pump turned off, pretty rapidly leveling out with pool. Happened a few years back, and a quick...
  11. K

    High Water Level Skimmers: Seen outside US

    Hello, I've been designing and planning our pool for quite a while and have learned a lot through tfp. We have a modern/minimalist aesthetic and have seen high water level skimmers used outside the US. I've googled forever and can't find a source in the US, any ideas? Thx!
  12. T

    New plumbing

    Does anyone see any issues with this plumbing? I was hoping it wouldn't stick out past the shed but I didn't factor in that the heat pump needed to be spaced away from my wall and my shed! Hopefully they will tell me what all of these switches too so I can make labels!
  13. D

    Pool equipment pad plumbing

    Is there anything important to do in order to get better flow dynamics when completely redoing a equipment pad other than use sweep Elbows and 2 inch rigid plumbing?
  14. N

    Concrete footing 1 inch above lines & conduits?

    Hi we're doing an in-ground pool and replacement of the adjacent patio and patio cover. We've learned from the patio contractor that -- surprise -- one of the two patio cover concrete footings (12" deep by 48" wide "spread footers") will now need go to directly over the assemblage of pool/spa...
  15. S

    New plumbing now with low flow to spa return

    I just had my pool converted to salt and salt cell plumbed into the prior system. Cell is working fine but the way the guy did it ended up stopping pretty much altogether the flow in the spa return while running the pump in pool mode. I’ll post before and after photos below. Spa gets filled via...
  16. C

    Blocked pipe

    I have a 13,800 gallon inground fiberglass pool that has a blocked return line somewhere under the concrete, and I'm not sure what to do about It. I've pressurized the line with air to see if anything can get through at all, and it seems to get to about 45psi before the air manages to get...
  17. A

    Redo Plumbing and SWCG Install - layout recommendations?

    Pool: 10k gal Inground PebbleTec PUMP: Hayward SP3400VSP FILTER: Hayward C3030 CF Single waterfall water feature, Hayward Navigator. Purchased a CircuPool RJ30, need to install that, and wanting to replumb the above ground plumbing. The visible PVC loop bottom right in photo is where the...
  18. M

    Need help understanding basic setup

    We purchased a fixer upper a few months ago and it came with an inground pool. We don't know anything about owning a pool, so hired someone to open it. We assumed they did it correctly, but as it turned out they didn't open the valves to allow water to the heater. We learned that from the...
  19. A

    Replacement for Pentair SuperFlo 340038

    Hi all! First post ever! I have a 15,000 gallon inground plaster pool, newly renovated, probably built in 70's or 80's by Anthony or Sylvan. 1 Skimmer, 1 Drain, 2 Jets. The current pump is a quite old Pentair SuperFlo 340038 or SF-N1-1A. Its starting to show its age, leaking out of the seal...
  20. B

    How to remove/close old offline chlorinator connections?

    The previous owners installed an offline chlorinator (Pentair Rainbow 300). I don't want to continue using the chlorinator because there is no check valve to protect the heater, and there is not enough space to easily install one. Is there a way to remove/cap off the hose connections sticking...
  21. S

    Pool keeps overfilling

    Hi, I've been having a reoccurring problem of my pool being overfilled. The filler is a Korky, similar to this one. The unit was completely submerged and water was still coming out of the spout at the top when I bent it up out of the water. Does anyone have any suggestions to stop this issue...
  22. michaelrbanks

    Where To Put It?

    Howdy! I'm really interested in installing a Handy TruClear system to integrate with my current setup. The manual says it should be horizontal in a 16" section of pipe - I just don't see an option without major tear-up. Any ideas?
  23. Sam and fam

    New Build Question: Pipe Sizing and Skimmers

    Hello - New to the boards and I have been absorbing as much info as possible on maintaining the pool but as I am now getting construction plans I am starting to fall into the bottomless pit of the overwhelming amount of info out there on plumbing (well everything pool related). Nonetheless...
  24. Charlie227

    Hayward Solar GVA-24 leaking. Your thoughts?

    I have a leak in this unit. The leak appears to be coming from about midsection. It is getting worse. What should be my first go to fix? I’ve searched the forums but didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  25. B

    Plumbing advice - replace ball valve

    Texas pool owner here. I have been reaching out to all contractors nearby but all have 4-6 weeks waiting period. Not a handyman man but finally made up my mind to fix the plumbing on my own. The ball valve on the right burst during the storm and needs to be replaced. Now I have all the parts...
  26. Elwood5487

    New filter and pump. Need help understanding hoses and unions

    Hello, all. Glad I opened the pool fairly early because I fired it up on Sunday and found it was time to replace my inherited sand filter and pump. Made the purchase yesterday and was (supposedly) provided with all necessary equipment. I really love this store but it feels like something isn't...
  27. J

    How to plumb this ...

    Now then, good evening, good day all I'm trying to convert some 'Magiline' skimmers so that they have a direct suction line to the pump. I've dug 90% of one out and the image below tells the story. Is there any tried and tested way of plumping a 50mm pipe into a corrugated profile such as the...
  28. P

    Solar Retrofit

    Hello, I am thinking to add solar heaters to our pool. The equipment pad and the wall where the pipes would raise are not too distant but also not adjacent, and I want to plan it carefully. My first question is: I have a SWG right after the filter. Can the SWG stay "before" the solar heaters or...
  29. Notauser

    How to remove filter plumbing for deep filter cleaning

    I have a Hayward 300lb sand filter with the multi port valve on top. When the installer put it and the pump in last year it looks like everything is hard plumbed in. I didn’t really notice until started sizing up how to do a filter deep clean in preparation for the season. So how can I deep...
  30. N

    Installing Aerator Prior Coping

    Hi everyone! I am at the point where I will be installing my travertine coping. I have a question regarding the capped pipe(aerators) that I have currently that’s pointing strait up. The shotcrete guys etched a space for it and my plumber said that I need to set it prior to putting the coping...