1. M

    Equipment 65 feet from pool water

    Hi, is there an issue with having pool equipment 65 feet from pool water? This is for a new build 18x36' inground steel frame vinyl pool. Would you suggest going with larger pipes than 1.5" do help with the longer distance? Thank you!
  2. T

    DIY Peristaltic Automation Questions

    Hi, I am slowly but surely starting to add automation to my pool to make the maintenance a little easier on me. It started by installing a simple Sonoff Dual R2 device so I could automate the timing of my pool pump & lights & control them both via Wifi. I've been really happy with this setup...
  3. M

    2 returns or 1?

    Hello All, Have another question hopefully someone is knowledgeable about this. We are getting to break ground and I have attached our pool design with measurements. The pool builder talked about installing 1 skimmer on the wall of the deep end which is the south side of the pool. I was...
  4. A

    Venturi Jet Issue New Pool

    We have a brand new pool and had 4 jets installed for the deep end seat. The jets are venturi powered. The jets are configured where two jets go to one surface air intake. The issues are: When we open the pool valve sending water to the 4 jets water comes out of the surface air intakes. It also...
  5. Cwiggs

    Help Installing SWG!

    Hello TFP! Long story short I was planning on installing the Circupool RJ60+, but the Hayward AquaRite W3AQR15 went on sale for ~$900 so I decided to buy the Hayward. Now I'm looking for the help/suggestions/tips on installing it. Questions: 1. Right now I have an old intermatic timer that is...
  6. N

    Can I plumb a heat pump before hooking up electrical?

    We have a plumber who can come out Saturday to plumb the heat pump (RayPak 8345ti) but the electrician might not be able to make it in time. Does it matter if it's plumbed before it has power?
  7. W

    Trouble with Pentair Laminar Fountain Jet

    Laminar jet has slipped 4" down the concrete sleeve. I bought a reverse pliers to extract, but it still isn't budging. Has anyone had this issue? What are my options?
  8. Cindy Colbert

    Advice needed: plumbing in a DIY ground solar system and later a SWG.

    We bought our home with pool last year (1st time pool owner here) and wow what a challenging yet fun filled learning curve it's been. Due to lots of shade and no heat source installed , last fall I quickly began researching options. Limited funds led me to try connecting several longgggg black...
  9. B

    Should plumbing be run underneath the pool rather than around the pool?

    Building a new inground pool in Texas where we had to dig a bedrock to excavate which took 3 weeks to dig. Now that excavation is done, ready for the plumbing. That said, we are getting mixed response about how to run the plumbing. Should plumbing be run underneath the pool rather than around...
  10. S

    Question about stopping reverse water flow

    I have a typical Florida pool/spa setup. In the spa I used to have a water feature which I didn’t care for. It causes uneven flow back into the pool. It was screwed into the floor of the spa via PVC. I removed it and at night when the pump stops, the spa level drops by half. Is there a type of...
  11. R

    Mystery suction-side pipe?! (+ introduction)

    Hello, TFP forum! :wave: Before I get to my question, a quick intro: My family purchased a foreclosure home with an in-ground pool 1.5 years ago, and I spent last summer trying to get the pool up and running. We followed advice from this site given to others who had dealt with foreclosure pools...
  12. J

    Can I bury PVC pipe to connect pool to equipment? (re: above-ground pool)

    My pool is about 11 feet from the equipment pad and instead of using long flexible hose, my installer said I could purchase PVC pipe. He said I could buy PVC pipe and bury it only 4" or so under the ground. Does that sound correct? I like the idea of burying the PVC pipe so the pool and...
  13. thephatp

    How to Add an Automated Valve with EasyTouch?

    Problem I want to vary how the normal "Pool" mode pumps water between pool and spa in an automated fashion. I have a manual valve right now that allows me to configure this. When in pool mode... If the valve is open, it pushes water to both the pool and the spa. If the valve is closed, it pushes...
  14. D

    Heater Plumbing suggestions

    Hi All, Just ordered a new heater to add into my existing system. A Raypak 336k unit. While waiting for the shipping of the heater, I'm trying to brainstorm the best way to plumb it. The heater will sit next to the existing chlorinator where the gas line is as well. Any suggestions?
  15. Z

    Leak Help

    Hello Everyone, I just opened my pool the other day. It's an IGP, approx 42k gallons. The pool held water over the winter without any signs of leaking. In the fall I left the water a little below the skimmers, and when I removed the cover a few days ago, the water was at the top of the...
  16. M

    Hayward DE4820 2" ports with 1.5" plumbing OK?

    Can I use the DE4820 that has 2" openings with 1.5" plumbing? I ordered the DE filter not thinking about the plumbing size. I am currently using a 20+ year old Hayward S200. Also, what HP VS pump would work well with the DE4820? Thanks! Mario 25K gallon 16x32 IGP vinyl liner current...
  17. A

    Actuator and returns

    Hello, So I heat my spa and then later when the filter runs in pool mode, it sends some of the pool's cold water into the spa (basically un-heating the spa). I know this is to make it have a nice overflow into the pool...its only like a 2" drop so it is not like it is a necessary sound. Is...
  18. C

    All new above ground plumbing.

    I am doing all new above ground plumbing and equipment. I have a few questions: 1. Should I put a check valve on all lines both suction and discharge or should I put a check valve only on my spa return and before my SWG? 2. Do you recommend any valves other than Jandy? Is there a great brand...
  19. C

    Advice needed on plumbing for adding a large waterfall

    I’m looking remodel my pool area and take an existing waterfall, increase its size and have it fall into the pool. The existing waterfall used to have it’s output come from the pool equipment pad and then the basin drained into the pool. The output was capped over and buried under concrete due...
  20. P

    Do I have flexible PVC?!

    Hello all... well, I just began the process of re-plumbing my pad. I'm updating all my equipment, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to change the pad plumbing from 1.5" to 2.0". The plumbing had been re-done years ago when the previous owner relocated all the equipment from the...
  21. C

    What are these??

    I am about to redo all of my above ground plumbing but I cannot figure out what these two lines go to. They both are only connected to themselves and one has no valve on it while the one in the second picture has a valve where they connect. Please help.
  22. Z

    Need Some Pool Plumbing Help/Advice

    Hello Everyone, I need some assistance with my pool plumbing. The original installer of this pool placed the filter way too close to the fence, it's literally up against it and it's very difficult for me to do any maintenance. I want to remove and reposition my Jandy valve so that it faces...
  23. awpoll

    New Inground Pool build Mcdonough, Ga

    We are so excited. After several years of wanting to start our pool build it’s finally here. We started digging on Jan 5,2020. My PB worked 8 straight days and was ready for shotcrete. Then we were delayed a few days due to rain. Shotcrete happened yesterday Jan 17,2020. These shotcrete guys are...
  24. D

    Spa / Pool Check Valve Stuck Closed

    My check valve connected to the plumbing for my Spa seems to be stuck in the closed position. This has been going on for about a week and I can't seem to find a solution and any advice would be appreciated. My spa is connected to my pool with an overflow waterfall. What would normally happen is...
  25. awpoll

    plumbing under gunite shell

    We are on the verge of beginning our pool dig. My PB is finishing up a pool nearby and we are next on his list. One thing he said about the plumbing is that he wants to run all lines centrally down the center of the pool and then turn towards the equipment pad. I am concerned that if ever there...
  26. D

    Dual Pool Heaters Pool Build: Plumbing, Pump and Cartridge

    I am a newbie to the forum stuck in the middle of a pool build with some significant concerns regarding future circulation and heating. We have a gunnite shell in the back lot with the stub plumbing (and most of the long plumbing in place). This cannot be altered easily without very significant...
  27. andysousa

    What kind of union is this?

    I was closing the pool today and decided to make nice fittings for my cyclone. On the returns I was simply going to take the coupling off and attach my cyclone. Got myself all the adapters and union from Home Depot (2” pvc) but low and behold that union from Home Depot just didn’t work. 1 1/2 is...
  28. D

    Pool/Spa combo plumbing (new construction)

    Hi everyone! Just recently found this sight and can't say enough about all the great info I have found! I am in the beginning phases of my inground pool/spa build (owner builder). First time doing this so I'm just learning as I go, that being said excuse my ignorance!? I am planning on doing my...
  29. J

    Pool Fill Bib

    A PVC connection to our pool fill bib recently developed a leak and soaked through an exterior wall. I pulled of the insulation tube that was taped on it, removed a crazy mat of tiny roots from some far away mystery plant ( likely been leaking a while) and saw this setup. The faucet is always...
  30. P

    Plumbing issue - pump replacement

    Hey everyone. I want to replace my pump, but the new one says it needs a longer straight section of pipe immediately before the inlet than I currently have. The problem is that there doesn't appear to be enough space to attach an(other) coupling. Here's what I have now: What do you all...